Dreams, humming birds, ham & beans and poetry on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 85…

Hello Diary

Stopping in briefly to leave a few words and some thoughts as I probably will not be here again until after the first part of June…

Had a busy week last week and a busy day yesterday, making changes, doing chores, tasks, projects and preparing for the possible stormy weather rest of the week..

First, some thoughts for those who have their dreams, their wishes, their beliefs, wanting to be who they are, to live their life, fueled by the spirit from within, all the while facing a society/world that may put obstacles in your path….a word of advice from the Seekers..

“When you are truly inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project… your mind transcends its limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world! Then those dormant forces, faculties and talents inside you become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” Patanjali

And for the deniers, the doubting Thomas’s, those creatures with self-centered, closed minds, again, I share words of advice from the Seekers..

After final preparations for the next weather event, managed to get the hummuingbird feeders out, not sure how many will get this year but ready in any event…

hbird feeders.

After setting the feeders out, picked the first batch of green onions, just in time for the weekend..

green onions

And speaking of the weekend, Memorial Day, got the flowers ready to take to the cemeteries..

flowers for the cemetery

Then, with forecast in hand, decided to cook the ham and beans as will have ham and beans and Keilbasa, probably Monday, a tradition here…

ham and beans

And will leave in this post my poem for Memorial Day as I will not be here then..


In Remembrance……

We were volunteers, one and all
So Noble.. Proud.. and Brave,
Did not know the reasons for war
Just a people from tyranny to save!

Glasses held high, we made an toast
Surely that Victory would rule the day!
While back at home, the voices of unrest
Not a kind word for us did they say.

Some could not vote, children were we
Some could not drink, but still our battle cry,
Even with all that we could not do
For us children, it was to do or die!

Vietnam was a hostile, violent land
The dangers, the horrors of war abound,
Whether the paddies of Vietnam or the fields of home,
Seemed for us, not a friend could be found.

But we proudly gave it our all, lads
Faced our destiny, with a hint of fear of tomorrow
Some to return to a mother’s joy
Some to return to a mother’s sorrow.

So should you be looking on today, lads
One more toast, hold your glasses high,
To PEACE, HOPE and LOVE, may they long endure

(penned on May 30, 2009 by; Sgt, Larry “Dutch” Woller
12th Marine Regiment
Vietnam, 1965–1966…)

And to the Brits and the Aussies that were by my side (unlike some of my fellow Americans who stayed home with Mom and Dad and TODAY chant “from these cold dead hands” while drinking 12 ozs. of courage)

And I share some words written by my friend Chris Clark (that is her pen name, we never met personally but shared thoughts and poems over the years, before Facebook, 😀 she lived in England and passed away two years ago in her late 80‘s, she was a cousin to Elizabeth Barrett Browing..)…

Comes the Peace,
where others fight.

But, within the Self,
the poppies blow
from time to time.

Listening to others;
fighting their cause,
Rakes up the soil
that belonged once to you.

Turns up the stones,
exposes the worms
in the barren plot,
where nothing grew!

But hearts DON’T break,
that much is true;
They go on beating,
they have to do!

They go on beating
throughout the years,
Though bones start creaking
And pains cause tears,

Aches for the cared for,
who now don’t care.
Aches for the skilful miles that stretch
Further even than the years.

But worst of all is the hardening heart,
That little moves as the fast years fly.
For alas the heart knows the answer
To the everlasting WHY!
by Chris Clark, 2011

And with that shall leave a thought of my own before closing;

“Whether I believe or don’t believe does not make it true or untrue but believe I will, one can believe in something without being shackled to some ideology” (Larry “Dutch” Woller 5-24-2016).

Going to close now, Diary, and as I said will not return until June, but return Bree and I will, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Being different, flowers and she’s my buddy, my pal on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 84…

Hello Diary
It’s a Friday morning, a bit gloomy with a chance of rain today, the weeks chores and tasks done (finishing the laundry as I speak), so having a spot of tea, relaxing a bit and thought I would pop in and share a few thoughts before the dryer sounds and I get on with the day…

After a busy first of the week with maintenance, projects and chores, took some time yesterday to plant a few plants and work in the gardens for a time…one of the projects were setting up two oviposition egg collectors…one for the daytime ( though it is in a shadow at the moment)..

egg collector

And one for the shade..

egg collector 2

Working with the USDA to collect mosquito eggs to help determine where native and invasive mosquito species are and the density of the population, can take count here as well as send the samples to the USDA…while I were setting out the collectors, I noticed a pair of House Wrens decided to call one of my weather instruments home (have one perched near the hole)…


Also, do you remember these little bunnies from history’s past, Diary?..

two bunnies2

Well, they have called the brush pile home and have grown up a bit.. a young one is on the left, not sure if the adult on the right is a parent..

baby rabbits2

Back to planting plants, went to the store first of the week, ventured to the clearance rack and there were some flowers that got neglected and damage, practically giving them away so I purchased 4 Primrose…

primrose 1

Put them in a planters box…

primrose 2

Will see if they make it… 😀 decided to put some Hostas in a semi-shady spot near some weather instruments…

bree planting

Of course, had to have my assistant to make sure it was done properly as in everything else I do.. we are a team, I have her back, she has mine and enjoy being different (don‘t really fit in with any crowd, I guess).. exploring and living reality, both free spirits, not shackled to some ideology or grand illusion… 😀 and after a active day, set down for a short time to prepare some of the weather for today and Bree decided to take a nap behind my chair instead of her den, should I need any help… that is where she is at as I type this… 😀 she can be a pain at times (she IS a female.. 😀 ) but in the end I share the same thoughts as Willie Nelson…

Well, I had better go, the dryer just buzzed and life is beckoning… not sure when but shall return again one day, Fate be wllin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

And Bree and I will venture down the path least traveled, exploring and following rainbows because we know that,

Thunder, chasing and a unforgettable day on the path least traveled..

Dear Diary Page 83…

Hello Diary,

Back again briefly.. the day (5-11-2016) were mainly uneventful till around 4 PM.. 😀 were setting at the PC gathering weather information, the weather alarms were sounding of watches and warnings.. initially were in a Severe Thunderstorm Watch but that soon changed to a warning for here.. were getting ready to shut down and unplug when I heard a small whimper and something touching my leg.. Yes, you guessed it, the junk yard dog of the path least traveled was awake from the nap…

bree ready to chase

It was around 4 PM and time to do some serious chasing… “neither rain, sleet, hail nor gloom of night…..”.. Soooooooooooooo with thunder rumbling, wind blowing, heavy rain and three alarm radios going off, to the door we ventured…..

bree chasing

No light to chase but chased the door briefly before the chase was called on account of the weather… 😀 may have another round of storms later tonight and if so, do hope we don’t lose power.. using a flashlight with Bree present adds a whole new dimension to being without power… 😀

Soooooooooooooo the day started out like this…

And ended like this… 😀

But, we take it in stride here on the path least traveled, while venturing down the path, enjoying adventures while searching for our destiny…will have to go now, shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise..

“While you’re busy looking for the perfect person, you’ll probably miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy”. Author Unknown

Will follow that up with one of my favorite singers… 😀

Graduating, killing the grass and time moving quickly on the path least traveled…….

Dear Diary Page 82…

Hello Diary,

Just passing through briefly, Diary, Bree and I are pressing on with our venture in search of our destiny and whatever it may bring..taking care of business and possible storms later today and tonight…

It is that time of year when little folk are graduating at different levels and seeking their own adventures and destiny… time sure does move on and with grownups (at least suppose to be… 😀 being so busy they forget about time and change until one day they wake up wondering what they missed and where time went and realizing that perhaps made a error in judgement about what was important and what was not…perhaps now wishing one had spent more time enjoying the little things… 😀

Anyway, thought I would just pop in briefly and leave a few thoughts and a couple of song’s by Charlie Daniels and Red Sovine… as Bree and I, with sails set full and hatches battened, venture on down the path least traveled.. will return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

“There are things that we may not want to happen but have to accept, things we may not want to know but have to learn and people we cannot live without but have to let go ”.

Wind , rain and being “me” on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 81…

Hello Diary,

Surprised I am back so soon, eh?.. Just briefly to let you know I am still around… have chores and tasks caught up for the moment, so thought I would pop in and leave a few thoughts… rain and maybe some strong storms later…

Something that has peaked my interest is over time have seen a number of posts by folks as to what they are, mainly those graphical ones… soooooooooo, in keeping with the trend, thought I would post a few things that are “Me”…. 😀

First off, I am not prone to using labels, they are too convenient and generally not accurate and life is too complicated.. 😀 …That being said…

I am a spirit that occupies a mortal body.. not white, black, etc, no color.. do not think of others by color, gender, how they dress, etc or put them in a convenient category, but by what comes from within, with thought and deed…

I am a independent…I am not chained to a given ideology that would dictate how I should live life.. make an effort to have a open mind, and to possibly compromise, to explore the universe and all it contains, not simply go by the heresay of others, especially a ideology that would impose suffering, pain, conflict and attack the rights of others..

I am not religious.. I prefer reality over ideology..again, a ideology the people hide behind to justify their imposing suffering, pain, conflict and especially attacking the rights and life of others.. in some instances, their ideology forbids them to do exactly that, which puts them in the realm of hypocrisy… When my late wife was to have a cancerous tumor removed at the St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Bloomington, Ill.. A chaplain ask her if she were religious and she said “no”, he then ask if she believed in the hereafter and she said “yes”, he then said “good, it is what is in the heart that counts, not the name above the door”…

I believe in choice…to live life as me, to have the final say about my spirit and the body it presently resides in, not to be some pathetic creature conjured up in the mind of someone else…not to be told what to do as THEY think I should based on their ideology…were the roles reversed, they would be extremely angry, again back to the realm of hypocrisy…

The path least traveled is a civilized world, and void of most ideology, guns are not needed, therefore I have none, got rid of them some time ago, been over 50 years since I discharged a weapon… I keep hearing talk about self-defense, etc and had I not been in the USMC in the early 1960’s for 4 years and spent 13 months in Vietnam chasing ghosts in the jungle, I might believe that, but thinking it is more a case of fueling a ego…under hostile, combat conditions , most people cannot hit a bull in the a** with an shovel full of rocks from five feet.. 😀

A spirit and body that contains both male and female genes/chromosomes (as ALL creatures do).. in the mental/thought tests, my thought score is 58% female, 42% male, more or less even.. Again, not using labels or categories, but using the proper thought process that fits the moment…no doubt one reason why I was able to help my wife battle cancer for 4 years before her passing last year… these days I prefer to grow flowers and write poetry and I don’t care what bathroom I use, but again, not going to adhere to the dictation of others… 😀

Soooooooooooooooooo, to make it brief and according to the label makers; I am “ME” a human being, a independent, non-religious, non-conforming, doing it my way, born again heathen being different and exploring the universe and enjoying life with a little JR named Bree, and sometimes with family and friends…:D

Better go now, make ready to start some flower seeds and others, sit down and contemplate the tomorrows and make plans, reflect on histories past for a bit as Bree and I venture down the path least traveled…again, not sure when I will return but it will be some time…but return I shall, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Listen to what Yanni has to say before the music starts and then enjoy the music while you contemplate life and direction it is taking, Diary…

Who knows, could end up..

All the while doing it…

And still keeping a…

Green beans, out of the box and we’ll meet again on the path least traveled..

Dear Diary Page 80…

Hello Diary..

Surprised to see me?… inbetween work and rain and possible storms later so thought I would pop in briefly as, with summer coming on, Bree and I have chapters to bring to a close, gardening, poetry, painting to do ( not to mention learning Spanish) and with living “out of the box”, not sure when will return, but it will be awhile… 😀

Got up this morning anticipating a somewhat leisurely day, remembered the fresh picked green beans that needed my attention so, instead of a day with a atmosphere like this..

It were more of an atmosphere like this… 😀

That being said, got the 2 pounds of fresh green beans snapped, then blanched them and put on a cookie sheet to dry a bit…

blanched green beans

Then replaced the paper towel with wax paper and put them in the freezer…

beans in freexer

Tomorrow will put them in a zip loc bag for future use..while in the kitchen, decided to make some cinnamon rolls, been awhile since I had any…

cinamon rolls

Where was the big dog at while all this was going on, one would ask??.. spying on the neighbors…

bree spying

She was underfoot as soon as the rolls came out of the toaster oven though…. 😀 so with that being done, back to a serenade type day, may start the process of turning this old 10” tablet into a microscope…


while taking care of business, making plans and contemplating the tomorrows…

Going to close now, Diary, and venture on down the path least traveled.. life beckons and Bree and I will be busy being “us”, being “different” and chasing rainbows.. 😀 not sure when we will return but it will be some time in the future.. and return we will, Fate be willin” and the creeks don’t rise…

Just one more passing thought..

“Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come”. Author Unknown

And not to worry…