Out of the “box” and doing it my way on the path least traveled… :)

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Another Saturday morning and another gloomy weather weekend to be had but at least it is not snow but rain, and I woke up on the green side of the grass this morning… 😀 going to share a few thoughts today before getting on with the day and life…. will be more of a “show and tell”, less words and more pictures.. (is that cheering I hear??… 😀 )..

To begin with, were going to wait till next week to do errands, but with the forecast in hand, decided to do it yesterday, Friday…ventured to the grocery and they had items on sale…so decided to do things different for today for a meal and purchased a piece of rib meat…


And a package of fresh veggies ready to put in the slow cooker (don’t have to worry about waste)….

veggie mix

Browned the ribs in the toaster oven briefly and combined in the slow cooker…


Will cook for several hours and ready for a Sunday meal… 🙂 also sliced some Colby cheese and wrapped in wax paper so the pieces would not stick together and put in freezer… won’t have to worry about spoiling….


Also had some inquiries about why and how I do my nails (which is a 2 hour Sunday project about every 2 weeks)… I have natural nails that break easily and has caused issues the past and I like long nails..in the past have done several things to deal with the issue but have settled on acrylics… for both mental and physical health…

Because of the cost of buying finished nails ( and to find what I like and works for me), I will set down with polish and basic nails on a given Sunday and “roll my own”… 🙂

finished nails

Have different colors to suit my fancy but usually stay with what I call “my natural nail”..

selected nails

They are long and I can trim the nail to however long and what shape I wish…and I can change the color at any time I wish… to change the nail, first, using remover, I take the polish off…

remove polish

Once the polish is remove, I use a combination of liquid remover and a powered nail tool and “carefully” remove the old nail…

remove nail

Once done and down to the original, real nail…

original nail

I do any trimming needed ( the nail does grow under the acrylic) and apply some nutrients to the nail for future growth…

nutra nail

And once finished and allowed some time to dry, will apply the new acrylic nail, trim as wished and have the finished product…

finished product

Looks nice and will refrain to do anything stupid in a effort to protect the new nail, and therefore protect the real nail and fingers…cool, Eh? again, a matter of mental and physical health with a plan that works…

Same scenario with my head of hair..not into bald, definitely like it long..do have hair but with being a bit thin, rather than let it grow long, followed the advice of others and you can see in the picture the issue was resolved….


But that is another story… 🙂 remember Diary, “you/I have a life to live, only you/I can live it, you/I will only get one chance at it, so you/I had better do it right and do it your/my way”… 🙂 will close for now, life and the day is calling and better go see what is instore for me… but shall return one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Don’t know when or how the adventure down the path least traveled will come to an end (hopefully not anytime soon!!.. 🙂 )..but when it does, it will be recorded that we did it our way, right Frank?…


Winter, noodle soup and Yanni on the path least traveled…

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Another somewhat bleak, wintry day this Sunday…another good day to quietly contemplate destiny with a spot of tea…listening to FM radio live from London (internet streaming) currently playing Celtic Woman singing The Parting Glass…winter not ready to leave yet as can be confirmed by looking out the “office” window….


A good soup day also…normally I make soup in a crock pot but with it being a last minute decision, I chose Ramon noodles (I just use the noodles, not the herbs and spices that come with the package), a half batch for one meal, add some pepper, ground garlic, two chicken bullion cubes, some mixed veggies (frozen and thawed out) and bits of chicken and in about 10 minutes soup is on….


A toasted bagel with garlic and cheese to go with to deal with the cold winter weather…and while on the subject of weather, have been helping out, voluntarily, various meteorological departments get a better idea of climate change…have been doing some transcribing of old documents over the past few months…


Also checking out and transcribing data concerning Solar Flares which has some affect on the weather…


So we stay active here and with all projects, have a work week here, just not on a clock and a payroll… 🙂 …wrote a poem about it a few years back, will share it with you, Diary…

Tell me , Fate
You hold the key,
What is my destiny
Suppose to be?

I was not a king or president,
No powers did I hold,
I wasn’t a preacher or a pope,
No sermon for the fold.

Never learned to speak fine words
A country bumkin’ was I.
Were taught never to tell a falsehood
Learned never to tell a lie.

So tell me , Fate
You hold the key,
What is my destiny
Suppose to be?

Can no longer build cities
The back is tired and sore,
Turned the green earth into a parking lot once
A forest….. into a general store,

I was a soldier once
No longer have the heart for war, I say
Children’s cry of suffering, I did hear
A memory still here today.

So tell me, Fate
You hold the key,
What is my destiny
Suppose to be?

I’ve tilled the soil as a farmer
Fed the world is what they say,
But I see the faces of hunger
Still this very day.

I’ve donated love, time and money
Ask for nothing in return,
But I see nothing has changed today
Will they ever learn?

I’ve tilled the fields and went to war
Helped build cities, towns and much more,
Sowed fields of flowers with tenderness an love
Has my destiny run it’s course, is there any more?

So tell me, Fate
You hold the key,
What is my destiny suppose to be?
(Penned by the hand of Larry “Dutch” Woller (8-18-2008))

Glanced at the news briefly first thing this morning.. conflict, hate, anger, intolerance, etc… nothing has changed, won‘t they ever learn?… perhaps the world can use some advice from Maya Angelou..

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived. But if faced with courage, need not be lived again. ” Maya Angelou

That being said, will close now..have downloaded some reading on the Kindle so will warm up some tea and snuggle in…prepare to venture on down the path least traveled and explore the wonders that wait for me…but I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Have been sending all my questions to Fate, perhaps Yanni has the answer…

Andre Rieu, Phil and winter on the path least traveled….

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Popping in briefly to leave a few thoughts, more active today than anticipated, mainly with one eye on the weather… with the forecast being what it is next week, decided to go to the store and run errands this morning, something I rarely do on a weekend… had some snow over night but morning was pleasant for winter…

sun morn

Errands taken care of, returned home and true to forecast, the “other shoe had fallen”.. a clipper from Canada arrived shortly after arriving home bringing with it clouds, wind, snow and falling temperatures…

sun morn 2

Appears Punxsutawney Phil has forecasted six more weeks of winter…however he has a cousin in Rhode Island that has forecasted spring and summer instead… one must be as Republican and the other a Democrat… 😀 …but here were all warm and comfy by the time the weather arrived, settled in to listening to my favorite orchestra, Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra..


And set down to a Italian dinner, wine to come later… 🙂 ….

italian dinner

So now bringing the day and week to a close, relaxing and perhaps read a bit later..trying to get into a poem writing mood but no luck at the moment… will share a poem I wrote in history’s past…

A Kipling I know I’m not
I know that from the start,
No eloquent words here, my love
Just words of love from the heart.

Nothing cute or fancy, sweetheart
No false charmers words here,
But words of undying love for you, my darling
From my heart, my very spirit, my dear.

Couldn’t find the words for some time
Searched every book and song,
Until that wonderful precious day
That you, my love, my June, come along.

Now that I have the words, my love
What’s this ole country boy to do,
How will these arthritic hands, my love
Say those precious words to you.

It will have to be done right, you know
And I know I will find a way,
To say how much I Love You more
With every heartbeat, each and every day.

There will be no falsehoods or lies for you, dear one
No meaningless empty words, cute or clever,
For I would rather you love me for just one day
Than to hate this ole country boy forever.
( penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller, 7-12-08)

With being said, going to close now, venture on down the path least traveled, eagerly awaiting to find what lies ahead, what Fate has planned… but I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

No rainbows near by today, but there is one out there somewhere and Kermie and I are still searching… 🙂

Italian food, wine and love on the path least traveled…

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Though the sun is shinning this Sunday morning, it is deceiving as it is still winter outdoors…the winter doldrums are still present, not much to chat about with the outdoors…so thought I would share a few thoughts about my Sundays…while still bit active, Sunday is a day if leisure and contemplating the tomorrows….

To start, I do some meditation (during the week I also do Tai Chi) first thing, I have a little zen garden (artificial) set up with a small MP3 player for soft music,,,

zen garden

Then I have various relaxing things to do while contemplating tomorrows, one is my painting board…


I have it set up so I can gaze out the front windows from time to time to gaze upon the rest of the universe…also nearby is where I color from time to time (colored pencils),,

color book

I have several adult type coloring books so I have plenty to keep occupied in that area…of course, I also have my reading with my little Kindle Paperwhite….


I have a library of near 400 books of various types currently downloaded for reading… the TV does not get turned on (unless there is a special program I wish to watch) and into the computer early only to blog and turn in weather data… the little pc is on of course to listen to soft music from England…

Sunday is also designated Italian meal day and don’t wash dishes day… 🙂 therefore, for my main meal (which I eat around Midday, during the week also) I will have a Marie Callender and for my late afternoon/early evening meal I will have a Smart One meal with a glass of red wine…

Sunday dinner

When in the mood, I will also write a bit of poetry..rarely do I write about extremism, bigotry, hate, anger, etc because the world is full of that already…try to avoid using labels here on the path least traveled, it is what it is…love is something that comes from deep within, knowing no boundaries, race, religion, gender, etc…love is something good to write about and something this world needs more of… a poem I wrote about love;

Worry About You….

Me stop worrying, dear???
Not worry about Thee I Love!!
Ask the rains to stop falling, darling
From the heavens up above!

Command the sun not to shine, my love
Order the rivers to all run dry,
Tell the winds to stop blowing, my sweet
Command the birds to never again fly!!

The sun will shine, the rivers run,
The winds will blow and the birds fly forever,
And I will worry about you and LOVE YOU SO
Beyond….. the 12th of Never!!!
(penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller 10-7-2008)

Well, better close for now and venture on down the path least traveled..will color a bit and contemplate the coming of spring and venturing outdoors…but I will return one day, Diary, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise..

Will love conquer all and I catch my rainbow, one would ask…. only time knows the answer… 🙂

Enjoying life taking the road less traveled by….

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Having a leisurely weekend of contemplating the past, present and future, thought I would take time to pop in and leave a few thoughts… winter arrived and staying around for awhile.. this morning the skies looked and were cold, landscape somewhat bleak….

Sat morning sunrise

But not near as wintery as the other day, when with snow, blowing snow and below 0 temps (near like the Arctic with wind chills –30 degrees), when I ventured out at 4 AM in the morning to check the weather instruments…. 🙂

snowy morning

With the weather outdoors being nasty, stayed indoors working on projects, chores, etc… first thing accomplish were getting the dinners ready for the week and put in the freezer…

week meals

With that accomplished, started another project…had a small 10” Acer laptop that were not in use so I thought I would turn it into a ready, set down and took 2 days to make changes, brought up to date, etc..

setting up laptop

Moved it to the entertainment section of the home, added some speakers that I had laying around, got online and success!!! as you can see in the following photo, I was listening, LIVE, to one of my favorite stations, Classic FM in London, England…

classic fm

With that accomplished, spent the rest of the time exploring life, the universe, experimenting and trying different things in learning more about me (who I am and what I am in the universe), the world and the universe… unlike most others I’m not shackled to any ideology or religion, so with open mind and spirit, finding the universe, life and ME are not simple but complicated…enjoyable and exciting!!!… I do feel sad for those unfortunate individuals who wish to remain in their safe zone..so much they are missing… to quote Robert Frost, I took the road less traveled by and it has made all the difference!.. 🙂

That being said, will leave some thoughts by others before getting on with the day;

“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.” Louisa May Alcott

“My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze.. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny”. Elaine Maxwell

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other.” Felix Adler

Going to venture on down the path least traveled now, explore a bit more of ME and the universe, chase a few more rainbows…but I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t dry….

A few more thoughts by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole…

Too cold for the Grinch to steal Xmas on the path least traveled…

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Had been a active time last week, taking in the holidays and dealing with the cold weather… it were too cold for the Grinch to steal Christmas.. 😀 thought I would pop in and leave a fww thoughts…it were a sunny start to the day today..

north pole

But looks were deceiving as it were another cold morning today also, warmer in Alaska… they are forecasting a period of snow/rain/freezing rain etc. over the next 48 hours, should be interesting… brought back memories of when I was growing up on the farm…

In the spring Dad would order baby chicks from the local hatchery for use on the farm, to replace the older chickens…the chicks would be put in a cardboard container (the sides were about 6 inches high) so we could get them home safely…

chcken crate

They would be loosely put in the box for their safety… we had a “brooder” house with heat lamps hanging from the ceiling to keep them warm and we would let them loose…well, we had a forecast much like today’s, got some freezing rain and with the utility lines not being what they are today, we lost power…appliances, etc. were gas so we could stay warm to some degree..it was decided to venture out, put the chicks in the boxes and bring them indoors…

They were very cold, we set the boxes on the floor in the warm kitchen, took the lids off of them so they could warm up but not smother…this was about 8 pm in the evening, total dark… to make a long story short, once those chicks got warm, they decided to check out the house… Suddenly, we had 50 baby chicks coming over the side of the box, “busting loose” and scattering all over the house!!!… 🙂 it took most of the night and next morning to round up all the chicks safely…

Back to the present, ventured to the post office last week and a gathering of a few of the locals were there (believe they were using the heat), they were discussing two things; immigration/refugees and religion… I would like to add that they are the local hypocrites also… 🙂 they had negative views of the immigrants/refugees, failing to take in account that the actions of this country, the USA, made a large percentage of them immigrants/refugees… they failed to mention that this country ask those very same people to help defend against terrorism, etc, something the locals did not have the courage to do themselves… that is not the case here on the path least traveled…


As for religion and ones destiny after leaving this mortal world, the universe knows I am not into religion, as I set here and think of all the wars, conflicts, suffering, etc that religion (all religion) has caused, and still causing… on the path least traveled there is no death.. I am a free spirit in a mortal body… there is no race, ideology, gender (for the record, according to the tests, my thought process is 75 to 80% feminine and 20 to 25% masculine), not bound by social pressure, etc…. as my daughter would say “it is what it is” or as Popeye would say “ I yam what I yam and that is all that I yam” 🙂 … once this mortal body has run its course, it will not be the end but a new beginning… I believe the following poem says it best;

Please, don’t stand at my grave and weep;
For I’m not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight
I am the soft glow of stars at night
Please, don’t stand at my grave and cry
For I am not there, I did not die..
(Mary Elizabeth Frye)

I had better close now and venture on down the path…but I shall return one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise.. In the meantime, I shall continue to enjoy the moment, looking forward to the next moment, chase rainbows and live life..and do so until the last moment…

Holidays are here, white or not, on the path least traveled….

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Finished chores and a few projects and now popping in briefly to share a few thoughts before getting into the holiday spirit of things.. a quiet holiday planned, some good food, easy listening music…not sure if it will be a white Christmas or not, received near a inch of snow this morning…

snow 0900, 12-23-2017

Could get up to 4 inches of snow tomorrow, Christmas Eve, will have to see…not a very good weekend for travel…had a small change in plans for Christmas day… if you remember, Diary, I had planned on eating my Christmas dinner on Christmas day…

xmas dinner

Have since decided on having it Christmas Eve and then have Christmas Day snack day…

take it easy xmas

No cooking, no washing dishes, just a stress free holiday…how cool is that?!.. 🙂 listen to some smooth music, perhaps a holiday movie on TV and I have the ole Kindle downloaded with some romantic holiday books….

xmas kindle

With that being said, shall leave you with a poem…

Christmas Is Coming, White Or Not…….

Tis rain and fog, not a snowflake in sight
Looks like Christmas in Hawaii, and this I fear,
With the weather forecast in hand
May not be a white Christmas this year!

The tree is trimmed, not as many lights this year
The presents are fewer, but tis the thought that counts,
Maybe not as plentiful, but food being prepared
As Christmas draws near and excitement mounts!

The spirit is in the air, the weather not to matter
And I am caught up in the spirit, I must confess,
So white or no, Merry Christmas to ALL!
And may all your presents be filled…. with love and happiness!!
(penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller, 12-23-2009)

And I shall venture on down the path, make sure that I have milk and cookies for Santa, and enjoy the holidays and life..but I shall return one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Staying in by the fire, no place I need to go, sooooooooooooo if it wishes “let it snow, let it snow“!!… 🙂