Hot, Humid, flowers and some poetry on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 93…

Hello Diary..

Have been dealing with some oppressive heat and humidity the past few days, mainly indoors working on chores, tasks and projects.. Were doing a bit of sorting of paper files and communications today when I came upon some letters from a dear friend from the UK..communicated online also, never met personally but shared a lot of thoughts and memories over the years… she was near 90 when she passed away a couple of years ago, a diehard Rugby fan and stanch supporter of the Queen…she as a distant cousin to Elizabeth Barrett Browning and over her younger years wrote poetry and articles for various meida and magazines….she used the pen name of Chris Clark and lived in county Lincolnshire…. I had found two pictures she made by hand using pieces from her garden and painstakingly gluing each piece to the cardboard creating a picture, then wrapped them in plastic and heated the plastic to fit tight… thought I would share them with you… the pictures are 8″ by 11″…

jc picture 1

jc picture 2

She made these pictures as a Christmas present and thought my late wife, Kathy, would like them, take the mind off of dealing with cancer for a bit…Chris use to make pictures like this when she was young for gifts, as it was during the Great Depression and didn’t have any money… she also shared a poem/reading she wrote, will include it at the end of the blog..

Like me, she was not into the chaplain told my wife “it is what is in the heart that matters, not the name above the door” and the both of us decided that should we start to believe, it would be from the heart and mind, not guided by some book written by others… like they did at the Sermon on the Mount, just quietly venture out into the backyard, the sky would become the roof of our cathedral, the birds would be our choir and we would follow the advice of the Seekers..

Will close now and finish the day.. The mind is like a computer, constantly taking in knowledge and in a state of evolution, learning more about itself and the rest of the universe and it is no different here as Bree and I venture down the path least traveled… not sure when or how we will return, but return we will one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Will leave with a song that was Chris’s favorite, perhaps she has done just that with her passing… 🙂

The poem;

This Is My Domain…
(by Chris Clark)

The poet said;
“Do you think it possible
That the big leap for mankind,
The first step on the moon,
Disoriented us?
Even at the time
I grieved for future lovers,
Walking in the moonlight
That was raped of romance.
But now I keep thinking
How much more was lost
When we reached the moon
Than its mystique.
Nietche said God was dead,
Yet didn’t seem convinced.
But, when at last we conquered space,
Did God just move away?”

God said, (God always speaks to poets,)
Within my borders dream the quiet shires,
That England still holds close against her heart
Oil rigs anchor in my stormy seas
And gush strange wealth on Scotland’s shores,
Ireland bleeds, and red, hands still are flung,
History scarred to maim the innocent.

Within my city streets the pushers prowl,
And babes new born have drug infected veins.
My children steal to buy death’s merchandise,
My daughters advertise to gain from base desires.
The right of all to read, so late and hardly won,
Debased by hypocritic vendors of the print.

Not these Isles only, but in fief my world.
My dark skinned babies dying in the sand
Cry still, as Philip heard, come help!
Grain mountains are not moved by dearth,
And human locusts swarm about the gifts,
The meagre gifts the rich relations send.

Encompassing the obscene squalor that apartheid rule
And Pakki-bashing, muggings, National Fronts,
Uneasy Shaloms wail round Israels walls,
And dispossessed new lost tribes grieve for home.
Race-lines on maps are never my frontiers
I know no boundaries on man made stars.

Brooding, I watch it shift and change,
Illusion-fettered by what men call Time,
Out of my mind, from the primaeval seas
Something to struggle, something to climb
Onto the land, eons later the trees
Until, as but my concept can,
Painfully down from his tree came Man.
A later eon, a later tree
In love I let men murder Me
In love I let them day by day
Pursue their dangerous foolish way
If I saw Time as mankind sees,
My heart would break at sight of trees
And if my thoughts were as men’s thoughts
My mind would snap at sight of men.

Love would hate and truth would lie
And I, the living God, would die!
BUT IT’S NOT SO! said God.

“It is Your domain”, the poet said
“But it seems You reign differently too,
More like presiding over a republic
Over ruled by the Congress of men???”.

“ I like my poets” God’s voice was sad,
“They have often been the only voice I had,
To whisper with!”

Food, thoughts, born free and hope on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 92…

Hello Diary..

It has been awhile since I popped in to leave a few thoughts, have cleaned up after a days activities and living life, so thought I would leave some thoughts before thinkng about getting supper gathered…

Speaking of food (and Friday being my cooking day) and with the temp and humidity down for the moment, got a yearning for some cinammon rolls, didn’t have the store bought kind so “rolled my own”… 🙂 got out a container of buttermilk bisquits, baked them, added cinnamon and honey and had cinnamon/honey rolls….

cinamn, honey rolls

Got a little hungry after that, saw some leftover ham in the freeze so thought of ham and eggs..didn’t want to waste time or make a mess so opted for scrambled eggs, beat three eggs and added bacon bits, pepper and some cheese…

scram 1

Put the eggs in the micro for a minute, thirty on high, then warmed the ham, then warmed both and now have ham and eggs in under 4 minutes… 🙂

scram 2

Of course, had to have a cinnamon roll….were wanting to make some pudding cups, so set out 11 cups, put a crushed vanilla wafer and some fruit in the bottom..

cup 1

Made a batch of pudding (banana cream) and filled the cups half full and then topped with coconut …

cup 2

Made another batch of pudding and topped, leaving room at the top…

cup 3

Finished with Cool Whip…

cup 4

Wrapped in plastic wrap, in the fridge to be eaten (can also freeze)..

cup 5

While on a roll, decided to get tonights, Saturday and Sunday’s supper ready for Bree and I to put in the micro, Friday night is designated frozen dinner night (Marie Callender’s).


All done by mid morning, had the rest of the day and weekend for other things other than cooking.. 🙂

Have been watching with dismay events around the world and in this country that is fueled by ideology, especially religion.. of mans intolerance and barbaric treatment towards their fellow man in the name of something, an attempt to dignify and justify their thoughts and deeds… but that is what happens when one is shackled to a ideology with a closed mind or are too timid to be ones self for fear of being ridiculed by others… and ideology and guns mixed may well bring about the destruction of the human race one day….

Not that problem here on the path least traveled though, as Bree and I are not shackled and are (to some degree physically and totally in thought and spirit), well, Andy Williams says it best..

And before I leave, shall leave some thoughts for today…

“If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right”. Mary Kay Ash

“I’m the one that’s got to die when it is time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to”. Jimi Hendrix

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom”. Isaac Asimov

“When someone tells you “you’ve changed”, it might be because you have stopped living your life their way”.. John Pence

That being said, will close now and venture on down the path least traveled.. have some stones to unturn, rainbows to chase and the angle of the sunlight is just right and Bree is ready to do some chasing of her own, but will return again one day, fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Tell it like it is, Seekers..

And there is always hope, for hope is the last to die…

Will they ever learn, one wonders?…..

Dear Diary Page 91…

Hello Diary..

Were going to briefly leave some thoughts about the gardens and others things of interest on the path least traveled, but will put off till another day… I make it a habit of checking several news sources first thing of a morning and have been watching events unfold in this American society that is becoming increasingly violent and uncivilized.. between the gun owners and the police (and others), becoming more and more unsafe to be out and about… and is seems no one wishes to do anything about it…

The gun has ONLY ONE purpose, to satisfy the primal urge of a Neanderthal thinking homo sapien to inflict pain, suffering, death, destruction, to aid in imposing a ideology on another, to fuel the ego of someone into thinking he/she is superior to others while drinking 12 ounces of courage and chanting “from these cold, dead hands”…

One does not need a gun to feed the family, to use “self-defense” is living a grand delusion as most, if not all, in a hostile environment will only add to the chaos and harm.. some use the reasoning of defending me to have a gun, and many of them have had the opportunity to sign on the line, put on the uniform and do just that but chose to stay home with Mom and Dad…

There has been many a discussionm in the past of what may be the cause of the destruction of the human race, of life as we know it.. the sun blowing up, gravity changing, asteriods, etc.. but by looking over the current conditions on the planet earth it appears more and more likely the reasons will be guns (also missles, cannon, explosives, etc) and religion…mankind will self-destruct…guns (more often fueled by religion beliefs) have not ended wars but increased them, have created hate, suffering, anger, not “peace on earth, goodwill towards men”…

I could go on and on but have much better things to do..besides, don’t have the time to talk to someone who does not wish to listen.. 🙂 will they ever learn one wonders…

Maybe the answer is in the wind….

Bree and I are off to enjoy the day on the path least traveled, sun is shining but still chasing rainbows.. 🙂 we all kind of get along here on the path (although I am beginning to wonder about Attila.. 😀 ) here’s the kind of world on the path least traveled…

Bree and I are going to leave now, not sure when will return, but return we will one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise.. and as we venture down the path least traveled, will be humming along with the New Seekers…