Being different, flowers and she’s my buddy, my pal on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 84…

Hello Diary
It’s a Friday morning, a bit gloomy with a chance of rain today, the weeks chores and tasks done (finishing the laundry as I speak), so having a spot of tea, relaxing a bit and thought I would pop in and share a few thoughts before the dryer sounds and I get on with the day…

After a busy first of the week with maintenance, projects and chores, took some time yesterday to plant a few plants and work in the gardens for a time…one of the projects were setting up two oviposition egg collectors…one for the daytime ( though it is in a shadow at the moment)..

egg collector

And one for the shade..

egg collector 2

Working with the USDA to collect mosquito eggs to help determine where native and invasive mosquito species are and the density of the population, can take count here as well as send the samples to the USDA…while I were setting out the collectors, I noticed a pair of House Wrens decided to call one of my weather instruments home (have one perched near the hole)…


Also, do you remember these little bunnies from history’s past, Diary?..

two bunnies2

Well, they have called the brush pile home and have grown up a bit.. a young one is on the left, not sure if the adult on the right is a parent..

baby rabbits2

Back to planting plants, went to the store first of the week, ventured to the clearance rack and there were some flowers that got neglected and damage, practically giving them away so I purchased 4 Primrose…

primrose 1

Put them in a planters box…

primrose 2

Will see if they make it… 😀 decided to put some Hostas in a semi-shady spot near some weather instruments…

bree planting

Of course, had to have my assistant to make sure it was done properly as in everything else I do.. we are a team, I have her back, she has mine and enjoy being different (don‘t really fit in with any crowd, I guess).. exploring and living reality, both free spirits, not shackled to some ideology or grand illusion… 😀 and after a active day, set down for a short time to prepare some of the weather for today and Bree decided to take a nap behind my chair instead of her den, should I need any help… that is where she is at as I type this… 😀 she can be a pain at times (she IS a female.. 😀 ) but in the end I share the same thoughts as Willie Nelson…

Well, I had better go, the dryer just buzzed and life is beckoning… not sure when but shall return again one day, Fate be wllin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

And Bree and I will venture down the path least traveled, exploring and following rainbows because we know that,

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