Green beans, out of the box and we’ll meet again on the path least traveled..

Dear Diary Page 80…

Hello Diary..

Surprised to see me?… inbetween work and rain and possible storms later so thought I would pop in briefly as, with summer coming on, Bree and I have chapters to bring to a close, gardening, poetry, painting to do ( not to mention learning Spanish) and with living “out of the box”, not sure when will return, but it will be awhile… 😀

Got up this morning anticipating a somewhat leisurely day, remembered the fresh picked green beans that needed my attention so, instead of a day with a atmosphere like this..

It were more of an atmosphere like this… 😀

That being said, got the 2 pounds of fresh green beans snapped, then blanched them and put on a cookie sheet to dry a bit…

blanched green beans

Then replaced the paper towel with wax paper and put them in the freezer…

beans in freexer

Tomorrow will put them in a zip loc bag for future use..while in the kitchen, decided to make some cinnamon rolls, been awhile since I had any…

cinamon rolls

Where was the big dog at while all this was going on, one would ask??.. spying on the neighbors…

bree spying

She was underfoot as soon as the rolls came out of the toaster oven though…. 😀 so with that being done, back to a serenade type day, may start the process of turning this old 10” tablet into a microscope…


while taking care of business, making plans and contemplating the tomorrows…

Going to close now, Diary, and venture on down the path least traveled.. life beckons and Bree and I will be busy being “us”, being “different” and chasing rainbows.. 😀 not sure when we will return but it will be some time in the future.. and return we will, Fate be willin” and the creeks don’t rise…

Just one more passing thought..

“Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come”. Author Unknown

And not to worry…

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