Holidays are here, white or not, on the path least traveled….

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Finished chores and a few projects and now popping in briefly to share a few thoughts before getting into the holiday spirit of things.. a quiet holiday planned, some good food, easy listening music…not sure if it will be a white Christmas or not, received near a inch of snow this morning…

snow 0900, 12-23-2017

Could get up to 4 inches of snow tomorrow, Christmas Eve, will have to see…not a very good weekend for travel…had a small change in plans for Christmas day… if you remember, Diary, I had planned on eating my Christmas dinner on Christmas day…

xmas dinner

Have since decided on having it Christmas Eve and then have Christmas Day snack day…

take it easy xmas

No cooking, no washing dishes, just a stress free holiday…how cool is that?!.. 🙂 listen to some smooth music, perhaps a holiday movie on TV and I have the ole Kindle downloaded with some romantic holiday books….

xmas kindle

With that being said, shall leave you with a poem…

Christmas Is Coming, White Or Not…….

Tis rain and fog, not a snowflake in sight
Looks like Christmas in Hawaii, and this I fear,
With the weather forecast in hand
May not be a white Christmas this year!

The tree is trimmed, not as many lights this year
The presents are fewer, but tis the thought that counts,
Maybe not as plentiful, but food being prepared
As Christmas draws near and excitement mounts!

The spirit is in the air, the weather not to matter
And I am caught up in the spirit, I must confess,
So white or no, Merry Christmas to ALL!
And may all your presents be filled…. with love and happiness!!
(penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller, 12-23-2009)

And I shall venture on down the path, make sure that I have milk and cookies for Santa, and enjoy the holidays and life..but I shall return one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Staying in by the fire, no place I need to go, sooooooooooooo if it wishes “let it snow, let it snow“!!… 🙂

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