Keeping a eye on the weather on the path least traveled..

I have been ask on a number of occasions of what time I get up in the morning and some are shocked when I tell them and ask what I have to do with the weather… well, I have some time on my hands so, while trying to keep it brief, will attempt to explain… I will be posting documents to help explain and in doing so I am not bragging, but using those documents as a means to verify that I am who I am and what I am doing, not just someone on the internet making this up… 😀

That being said, this village is part of the Conkey Branch Watershed which runs off into the local streams and rivers..after the last tornado in 1996 and with all the changes in the weather, I became interested in keeping track of the climate and weather locally… had been doing that for some time, during which the NWS in Lincoln, Illinois had established the Significant Weather Observer Program to get volunteers to assist them with real time weather observations, 24/7…. And I became one of them in 2000/early 2001…


they were impressed with my attempts at furnishing as accurate and timely information as possible..

swop document

and they ask me if I would like to be a Cooperative observer, I said yes, and became a Coop observer on Sept 1, 2001…


And whether snow, sleet, hail or gloom of night I make every attempt to furnish as accurate and timely info as I can and for that I get a occasional thank you.. 😀

thank you

With the exception of the rain gauge (which belongs to the weather service), all other instruments used are mine, and with both programs being voluntary, I do not get paid and all my expenses are borne by me… 😀

So, irregardless of the weather ( and, yes, I do venture outdoors… 😀 ), I get up early to gather the data so by 6 am I send this info to the Climatic Data Center, NOAA

coop super form

coop spread sheet

And this info to the NWS Lincoln, Illinois…

swop daily weather

Sooooooooooooooo, tomorrow on Christmas morning, while all of you are all snuggled in your warm and comfy bed with visions of sugar plums, presents and winning the lottery dancing through your mind, here on the path least traveled, will be venturing out into the elements in the dark of night thinking “you just had to be different, didn’t you Woller.. “ 😀

Merry Christmas everyone!!…

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