Prepared for the holiday on the path least traveled

Dear Diary,

Update here… a dreary, somewhat stormy day here.. the weather radio going off doesn’t do anything for the Christmas music.. 😀 so far the worst of it staying to the south and north, mainly too much rain and wind… the main event not suppose to be here till later today…with that in mind decided to prepare supper for tonight early this morning, then all I need to do is heat it.. got to thinking and decided to do supper for Christmas eve and Christmas day also…

With that plan, I started the ham;

cooking ham

While the ham was cooking, I put together tonights (Wednesday) supper;

tonights supper

Got tonights supper finished and started on Christmas eve supper… in the past we would usually have soup and sandwiches, usually chili, but opted for homemade chicken noodle soup this time…

christmas eve supper

Finished Christmas eve supper and puttered around the house a bit while waiting for the ham to finish, decided to shower also before the stormy weather arrived, ham was done by then….

slicing the ham

And got Christmas supper ready;

Christmas supper

So, now all the meals are prepared, mess is cleaned up and now can enjoy the holiday, no cooking or doing dishes… how cool is that?!… 😀

Sooooooooooooooo, are prepared for the holiday presents ready, tree is ready, Bree is ready, storm or no storm, snow or no snow…Bree has designated herself as watch dog for the Christmas presents in the event of severe weather, at least hers anyway, not sure about mine….:D and so it goes as we venture on down the path least traveled, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Whatever the weather, no doubt the little folk are excited with all the activities and presents….

No doubt Glen Campbell had me in mind when he sang this song.. 😀

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