“The only people that truly know your story are the ones that help you write it” (Author Unknown) on the path least traveled….

Diary of the journey on the path least traveled..just letting the heart do the talking while the fingers do the walking while being different, being me… 🙂

Me 1 copy

( “I do not do, say or write something to been seen or heard… I do, say or write something because it needed to be done, said or written…” , no nominations please, just sharing thoughts while exploring life 🙂 )

Thursday October 31, 2019, Halloween day on the path least traveled…


me and xmas tree1

The only trick or treaters I saw were a pair of raindeer and one had a funny looking nose.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hello Diary,

Friday November 1st, 2019, a day after Halloween…

next day

What a difference a day makes… 🙂 ….like the rest of the backyard dwellers, the squirrels continued to prepare for the coming change of season….

squirrels nest

And watching the snow fall yesterday, brought back memories of Christmas’s long ago… thought I would share a few thoughts that I had penned in history’s past… 🙂

It’s twelve days till Christmas
And as I look around,
Checked every package under the tree
No toys for me were found.

But I’m not one bit worried
The sadness it won’t last,
Because I have some memories
Of many of Christmas past.

One Christmas eve in particular
For the night my brother and I retired,
It wasn’t long into the night
The imagination was fired.

We had train track all over the floor
Much to Mom’s dismay,
All night long messages back and forth
Wondering about Christmas day.

But in a blink of an eye
All got quiet real quick,
There was a shadow in our door
And it definitely wasn’t ST. Nick!

It’s Christmas morning….wait there’s a honk
And I looked out the window to see,
It was just my neighbor in his car
Bringing me back to reality.

But that’s ok, I haven’t grown old
And I’m not even going to start,
I’ll be forever young, don’t you see
With Christmas in my heart.

So to all.. and to all
As I get into my sleigh,
WAIT, I can’t say goodnight
It’s the middle of the day!
( Larry “Dutch” Woller )

Mine and my brother’s bedroom were above Mom and Dad’s… 🙂 and it being the middle if the day, had better close and finish the day and week… will be relaxing this weekend (maybe even pen a poem or two) while preparing for changes and adventures that lie on the horizon… will be beginning a new chapter here on the path come Monday… “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last chapter.” (Author Unknown )… 🙂

With that being said, Diary, I will bid you a fond Adieu and I will see you in the next chapter.. 🙂

And I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

No doubt hese three doves…

dove in snow

And I are no doubt thinking the same thoughts… 🙂

How’d ja like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island?
How’d ja like to spend the Holiday away across the sea?
How’d ja like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island?
How’d ja like to hang your stockin’ on a great big coconut tree?

How’d ja like to stay up late, like the islanders do
Wait for Santa to sail in with your presents in a canoe
If you ever spend Christmas on Christmas Island
You will never stray, for ev’ry day
Your Christmas dreams come true

6 thoughts on ““The only people that truly know your story are the ones that help you write it” (Author Unknown) on the path least traveled….

    • Thank you for stopping by!.. 🙂 with change in the climate, one can expect crazy weather wherever they may be… 🙂
      Actually, I don’t put the decorations away, especially the bows, garland, flowers, etc… the little tree has its on special corner… Christmas is the spirit of giving and here on the path we try to give in some form all year… 🙂
      I will listen to any kind of music at least once… 🙂

      “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for visiting!.. I leave most of the decorations, including the tree, up the year around… it adds color and spirit to the home and with Christmas being the idea of “giving”, try to do some giving all year… 🙂

      Until we meet again…
      May the dreams you hold dearest
      Be those which come true
      May the kindness you spread
      Keep returning to you
      (Irish Saying)


    • Thank you for stopping by and glad you enjoyed your visit!.. 🙂

      Until we meet again..
      May dreams you hold dearest
      Be those which come true
      And the kindness you spread
      Keep returning to you.
      (Irish Saying)

      Liked by 1 person

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