“While you’re busy looking for the perfect person, you’ll probably miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy” (Author Unknown) on the path least traveled…

Diary of the journey on the path least traveled..just letting the heart do the talking while the fingers do the walking while being different, being me… 🙂

Me 1 copy

( “I do not do, say or write something to been seen or heard… I do, say or write something because it needed to be done, said or written…” , no nominations please, just sharing thoughts while exploring life 🙂 )

“The greatest challenge in life is to be our own person and accept that being different is a blessing and not a curse”.. (Kilroy Oldster)

A Spirit Born Free…

While dealing with the doldrums
That happen often in wintertime,
And while contemplating my tomorrows
Thought I’d pen some thoughts that rhyme.

As I venture through my life
With each step, all the while being me,
An open mind, a heart of dreams
A spirit, enjoying being free.

A spirit that views another
As another feels, wishes to be,
In a realm of acceptance
So another can enjoy being free.

Free…. to love another
No color, gender or race,
Only to know and feel happiness
No social walls to face.

Free to live life as one chooses
Fallow a dream, the heart would say,
Free to walk ones own path of life
Filled with adventures along the way.

There are those who would color me different
Many to gaze upon me with dismay,
But unlike them, I’ve found happiness
Because I chose to live life my way.

(Larry “Dutch” Woller)

“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.” Louisa May Alcott

Hello Diary,

It is a Thursday morning and have been busy making changes and working in the gardens bringing the summer to a close till next year.. “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stopped the story.” ( Frank Herbert), winter is on the horizon… 🙂 …. I have been getting the fish pond ready for winter this week… I excavated the pond in 1996 and the pond is approximately 8 feet (2.4 m) by 6 feet (1.8 m) with a depth of 2 feet (0.6 M) to 8 inches (30 CM)…
The pond is occupied by 7 goldfish, approximately 4 inches (10 cm) long and they have been in the pond for approximately 6 years…

pond fish
During the winter they slow their system down, something like hibernation, to survive the winter… of course, I help them to survive… first I put down some netting…


Then I add and additional amount of fish food…

fish food

And finally I cover with a layer of clear plastic sheeting..

pond visqueen

The sheeting helps protect the pond during the winter and also helps warm the water when the sun shines to prevent the pond from freezing… and so I bid my pond friends a fond Adieu and will see them next spring… 🙂

And speaking of preparing for winter, I had better close for now, as there is more to do…but I shall return one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

In history’s past, on the path, I had a dream
Of a world in harmony it did seem,
Accepting one as to who they believe and are
One’s lifes choices no one did bar.

Free to climb a mountain, to touch a star
Free to search the universe, where answers are,
Free to venture through life, with open mind
Another’s belief, it did not blind.

Free to boldly walk the lands, both far and near
To lives one’s life without suffering or fear,
Not to be accepted by belief, gender or race, you see
But by the love, understanding and knowledge of a spirit born free.

Children could follow their own dream, you see
Not to be denied by another’s ideology,
To follow the destiny of their own choice
Not to be hindered by another’s voice.

I still have that dream, you know
A dream that began a long time ago,
A dream without end, each and every day
Until the four winds, they all blow away.

(Larry “Dutch” Woller)
I Have A Dream…
Whether it is by day and a rainbow

Or by night and a star…

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