“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – (Michel Angelo) on the path least traveled..

Diary of the journey on the path least traveled..just letting the heart do the talking while the fingers do the walking… 🙂

Me 1 copy

( “I do not do, say or write something to been seen or heard… I do, say or write something because it needed to be done, said or written…” , no nominations please, just sharing thoughts while exploring life 🙂 )

A Not So Secret Garden

I live in a not so secret garden
Along the path least traveled,
Quite unlike the other world
A world that has become unraveled.

A garden of peace and harmony
Being different does not matter here,
All creatures, big and small, living together
Unlike the other world, they do not live in fear.

Together we live the hand that Fate has dealt us
Not sure, or dwell, on our final destiny,
But live to enjoy the moment, the hour, the day
That is what life is about, don’t you see.

So into the not so secret garden I will venture
Along the path least traveled,
To find love, understanding, to follow one’s dreams
Unlike the other world unraveled.

(Larry “Dutch” Woller )

“Everyday on the path least traveled brings adventure and change, that change presents a challenge (mentally and physically) as to how to accept it and deal with it, generates an excitement about being “me” while exploring the universe, living a second of time and looking forward to what the next second of time brings, looking forward to living life and doing it my way.” (Larry “Dutch” Woller )

Hello Diary,

Well, it is a Friday morning, the end of a week with uncertain weather… yesterday (Thursday) morning looked like this, springtime, foggy, rainy and temperature around 56 degrees F…

thurs morn

Well, this morning looked like this, sunny with a few clouds…

Fri morn

Unfortunately the temperature were 13.1 degrees F, had 40 mile per hour wind and the wind chill (what it felt like to the skin) were a –7.5 degrees F below zero… sighhhhhhhhh but this too shall pass… 🙂 moving on Diary, I were ask how do I relax, how do I have some ME time, leaving the universe to its own devices for a period of time… I have a number of ways to relax (as long as I follow my dreams I am always happy.. 🙂 )… one method is I color….

me coloring to use

I use images that are detailed and instead of using crayons, I use colored pencils… my newest masterpiece.. 🙂

color pic

Of course I concentrate on detail and work on it with the same thoughts as if it were a painting…. I do paint some but coloring is easier to transport and use… I also have a puzzle that I work on from time to time….


It is referred to as a “shaped puzzle”… unlike most puzzles that have a straight edge with corners, this puzzle does not… the shape of the dog, the flowers, etc establish the edge of the puzzle, there is no beginning or end… 🙂 I also do Tai-Chi…

tia chi

Not only does Tai-Chi help me to relax, it also helps with maintaining balance and exercise… I also do meditation, here I am sitting in a chair (sometimes I set in the yoga position)…

me meditating

I have a little MP3 player with earphones and listen to quiet, relaxing music while concentrating on my breathing… currently doing 5-10 minutes and usually in the evening after the meal… and I have my Kindle…


I have two actually… one Kindle is my “library” and has over a 1000 books downloaded on the Kindle.. The Kindle that I read with only has the books that I plan to read in the near future so I do not have to browse through all those books… 🙂

I also write poetry when the mood is right… 🙂


And that pretty much is some of the methods I use to relax… the main thing is to shut out the universe for a time, set ones own pace and method and be happy while relaxing… don’t do it because one has to but because one wants to…. 🙂

Well, better close for now… been busy preparing for the next round of winter and between that and all this writing, I need to relax for a time… 🙂 but I shall return again one day, Diary, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Do not let those voices intimidate and drown your dreams, do not let those voices bring about self-doubt.. Be true to yourself, never let go of your dreams and follow Elaine Maxwell’s belief; “My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze.. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny”. Elaine Maxwell

18 thoughts on ““The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – (Michel Angelo) on the path least traveled..

  1. Great glimpse into your methods for relaxation … I need to find one that works for me, for I am never content not to be ‘doing’ something, and at the end of the day I realize there was no time for just me. I love the Elaine Maxwell quote, too … very true. Have a great weekend, Dutch, and keep warm!


    • Thank you for visiting… some folks go to organizations/clubs not only for health benefits but for social aspects also.. I prefer to do it at home and that way I can determine what best works for me and establish my own routine… the big hurdle is actually getting the drive and the determination to do it… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Like you, I am not a socialite. I hate large gatherings, am much more comfortable with just one or two friends and a small, more intimate setting. I’ve always, ever since I was a child, been comfortable in my own skin, quite content in my own company. Lately, though, I admit that I spend too much time immersed in the political news of the day, but it pulls me like a magnet.


    • Two things…one; it helps the observer get a better idea of what I am doing, two; there is a element of world society that say they do something when they actually do not (I believe the phrase is; Talk the Talk but don’t walk the walk.. 🙂 )..by providing details it eliminates doubt and wrong assumptions… 🙂

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