My little part of the universe on the path least traveled…

Diary of the journey on the path least traveled..


(Quietly sharing thoughts while exploring the world and the universe (no nominations please)….

Destiny sits upon the morning horizon
Always in site, but never clear
And as I travel along the road I have chosen
Destiny remains forever in place
Sitting upon the morning horizon

But as the years pass
And the road spans the distance
Between yesterday and tomorrow
I know my destiny will arrive

For time alone will close the gap
So yesterday becomes dust filled memories
And the horizon of tomorrow
Will be the road of today

For then, there will be no yesterday or tomorrow, only today
And when that day arrives
I will find peace and be complete
For I will be one with my destiny
(Favi F)

Hello Diary,

It’s a Saturday and sitting here listening to good ole summertime thunderstorms here on the prairie, nothing severe, just a light rain with an occasional rumble of thunder…:) a good time to relax with a spot of tea and enjoy the day and contemplate the tomorrows…. as you may recall, Diary, on my last visit I chatted a bit about the wonderful world seen through the eyes of others using cyberspace… now I will share a bit about my world, my little part of the universe…

As I venture down the path least traveled, I see blue skies…like a live painting, ever changing….

ice crystals-snow

A painting Rembrandt could not hope to duplicate…. A choir of birds singing, like the world each different in many ways yet (unlike a good deal of the rest of the world) living and singing in harmony…. I gaze about the gardens and backyard…nature’s beauty awakening from the winters doldrums and slowly but surely coming to bloom with all their splendor….

roses north

clematis 1

clematis 2

And then there is the water garden, due to climate change, just now coming in to its own…

water garden

In the coming days it will become an oasis for many creatures and insects, each seeking out their own destiny while passing each other on occasion, like ships in the sea, much like the rest of the world…. and soon there becomes a treasure trove of activity (some at night, some in the daylight) with birds, insects and other creatures…

Mr. Rabbit and a squirrel for instance..

rabbit and squirrel

And on occasion, while I am out collecting weather data, Attilia (the possum) path will cross with mine..


And when the path least traveled is in full bloom with all the creatures, each being “different” like the rest of the world, my little part of the universe becomes a portrait that a Picasso cannot dare hope to create…. I am not a Warren Buffet, a Bill Gates or others like them, but I am far wealthier than they are because, using the words of Don Williams;

“And I’m just a country boy
Money have I none
But I’ve got silver in the stars
And gold in the mornin’ sun”

Well, that is bit about my little part of the universe, Diary, and now I will close and venture on down the path least traveled… with the prairie rains there comes rainbows and at end of one lies my destiny, don’t you see… 🙂 but I shall return one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

As I journey down the path least traveled, through cyberspace and otherwise, I have (and still do) met and shared thoughts with many wonderful people who have shared a bit of their life with me, and I can say without a doubt they (and perhaps one day they may think the same about me… 🙂 ) are “Unforgettable”… 🙂

11 thoughts on “My little part of the universe on the path least traveled…

    • Thank you for visiting and the kind words!.. with all the wonderful people I have met, and will meet, my venture through the universe will be a pleasant and exciting adventure indeed!. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Greetings fellow traveler 🎈-first, thanks ever so much for the likes on my site 🌞 always appreciated🙏🏽 Thank you for your humble postings as well, I like the simplicity and the acknowledgement you give to the Natural…


    • Thank you for visiting and your kind words… sometimes one gets so involved in the complicated part of life that one overlooks the simple things that could bring them happiness!!.. 🙂
      Hope you find what you are searching for in your travels and everyday is filled with happiness… 🙂

      “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
      ― Dr. Seuss


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