It’s a zip-a-dee-do-dah day on the path least traveled….

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Good Saturday morning, Diary… thought I would leave a few thoughts before moving on with the day… another dreary Saturday instore, may have to stop blogging on Saturday.. 🙂 woke up to a red sky this morning…

red skiy

Bringing to mind the saying; “red skies in the morning, sailors warning”.. The theory behind that being red skies indicate a good deal of moisture in the atmosphere and with the sun rising and heating up the atmosphere, the chances increase of a unstable atmosphere and therefore the possibility of a severe thunderstorm…the other part of the saying; “red skies at night, sailors delight” means the sun is setting, the atmosphere is cooling and the possibility of a severe storm is declining…but that is theory… 🙂

Not very good at taking selfies but thought I would attempt a selfie this morning….


It were the wee hours this morning (while most everyone were snuggled in bed dreaming of winning the lottery) while I was turning in my weather data to the National Weather Service….

While it don’t seem like spring, decided to check out my seeds to see what I had, perhaps need to get new seeds….

veggie seeds

I do save seeds also (in the gray box), I make my own paper envelopes and store them in the door of the refrigerator… seeds means flowers and flowers bring to mind a poem I wrote;

Garden Flowers…

A bouquet of flowers from my garden,
Their beauty need not be told,
Their fragrance is soothing and lovely
A pleasant scent for one to behold.

They remind me of you, my love
Whose beauty from within you do share,
Sharing sunshine, understanding and laughter
Sowing the seeds of love and happiness in the air.

This bouquet was picked for you, my love
For coming into my world, my dear friend,
For giving sunshine, laughter, love and happiness
For which I know… will never end.
(Penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller May 5, 2008)

And while sorting seeds, will also have to keep in mind ways to protect the seedlings once they are above ground, especially protect from the dreaded nemesis who loves those tender seedlings………Brer Rabbit… 🙂

brer rabbit

In spite of the weather (and outside influences to some degree), it is still a wonderful life on the path least traveled because one is here to see it and enjoy it!!!…. and some thoughts about the reason why, can be seen in a poem by Suzy Kassem;

“The key to a wonderful life
Is to never stop wandering into wonder.
Because to live a predictable life,
Only fills a person with strife,
And such a person will always be wondering:
‘What a limitless life could be lived beyond the lines?’
Such is a question a curious spirit would never sit forever and ponder.
So always pursue new ventures in your life,
And be willing to open doors to different light;
This is the only way to keep it magical and always filled with wonder.
Days will feel shorter, but your happiness will grow stronger —
Because living a life without curiosity and adventure,
Is a stale life where days only feel longer and
(by Suzy Kassem)

And with that being said, will close now and venture on down the path least traveled, that on going search for “the” rainbow while, with excitement, waiting to see what is around the next bend…but I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

I believe that Uncle Remus and friends say it best about today, and every day…

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