Italian food, wine and love on the path least traveled…

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Though the sun is shinning this Sunday morning, it is deceiving as it is still winter outdoors…the winter doldrums are still present, not much to chat about with the outdoors…so thought I would share a few thoughts about my Sundays…while still bit active, Sunday is a day if leisure and contemplating the tomorrows….

To start, I do some meditation (during the week I also do Tai Chi) first thing, I have a little zen garden (artificial) set up with a small MP3 player for soft music,,,

zen garden

Then I have various relaxing things to do while contemplating tomorrows, one is my painting board…


I have it set up so I can gaze out the front windows from time to time to gaze upon the rest of the universe…also nearby is where I color from time to time (colored pencils),,

color book

I have several adult type coloring books so I have plenty to keep occupied in that area…of course, I also have my reading with my little Kindle Paperwhite….


I have a library of near 400 books of various types currently downloaded for reading… the TV does not get turned on (unless there is a special program I wish to watch) and into the computer early only to blog and turn in weather data… the little pc is on of course to listen to soft music from England…

Sunday is also designated Italian meal day and don’t wash dishes day… 🙂 therefore, for my main meal (which I eat around Midday, during the week also) I will have a Marie Callender and for my late afternoon/early evening meal I will have a Smart One meal with a glass of red wine…

Sunday dinner

When in the mood, I will also write a bit of poetry..rarely do I write about extremism, bigotry, hate, anger, etc because the world is full of that already…try to avoid using labels here on the path least traveled, it is what it is…love is something that comes from deep within, knowing no boundaries, race, religion, gender, etc…love is something good to write about and something this world needs more of… a poem I wrote about love;

Worry About You….

Me stop worrying, dear???
Not worry about Thee I Love!!
Ask the rains to stop falling, darling
From the heavens up above!

Command the sun not to shine, my love
Order the rivers to all run dry,
Tell the winds to stop blowing, my sweet
Command the birds to never again fly!!

The sun will shine, the rivers run,
The winds will blow and the birds fly forever,
And I will worry about you and LOVE YOU SO
Beyond….. the 12th of Never!!!
(penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller 10-7-2008)

Well, better close for now and venture on down the path least traveled..will color a bit and contemplate the coming of spring and venturing outdoors…but I will return one day, Diary, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise..

Will love conquer all and I catch my rainbow, one would ask…. only time knows the answer… 🙂

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