Vanishing biscuits, holiday music and no turkey for Thanksgiving on the path least traveled…..

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Here a bit early but with possible thunderstorms tomorrow (won’t be online) and preparing for the holidays, opted to pop in today and share a few thoughts…no weather here yet but a cloudy, cold, windy day, a good day to stay in by the fire and contemplate the tomorrows… were feeding the outdoor creatures and saw a red-tailed hawk, possibly attempting to get a early Thanksgiving dinner….


As it were, the hawk only got a drink of water…there were about 20 sparrows in the brush pile.. 🙂 and speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, were debating on what I was going to have…had chatted with my daughter earlier this week and she gave me an idea… ventured to the grocery and gathered the ingredients for T-day dinner… dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and a Cornish game hen, and a bottle of Rose Red wine…

fixins for t-day

Were debating on how to prepare the not use the stove anymore, too inefficient, especially for just me, and thought the toaster oven was too small for long cooking, so decided on slow cooking in the crock pot, stuffed the bird with a bit of margarine and spices, coated with olive oil and ground garlic and put in crock pot…

crockpot hen

Let the bird cook on Low for a few hours (while waiting I prepared the dressing, potatoes and green beans, and got the meals for the rest of the week ready also) and when done decided on putting the bird in the toaster oven using Broil for a few minutes to give it a “tan”….

tanned hen

And with everything done, I put helpings on a plate..

t-day dinner

Sealed it in plastic wrap and put in the freezer so when T-day gets here, all I need to do is remove, pop in the microwave and eat…no being in the kitchen all day cooking and cleaning, can listening to holiday music and decorate, how cool is that?! 😀

I also had time to get out the holiday music..

holiday music

And on Thanksgiving day, a tradition here, I will start the holiday music and trim the tree, etc..

While I am not into religion nor participate in the religious aspects of the holiday, I do try to get into the holiday spirit of things, especially giving… I am a sustaining monthly donor of the E.I. Foodbank…


And I do give some extra on the holiday to perhaps help someone have a wonderful holiday and not go hungry… so that is about all for the day, have a few things to do to bring the week to an end… will leave some thoughts by others..

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness.” – Helen Keller

“Every piece of the universe, even the tiniest little snow crystal, matters somehow. I have a place in the pattern, and so do you. Thinking of you this holiday season!” – T.A. Barron

“It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.” – Agnes M. Pharo

“Bread cast on the waters comes back to you The good deed you do today may benefit you or someone you love at the least expected time . If you never see the deed again at least you will have made the world a better place. “ Author Unknown

That being said, will take my leave now, venture on down the path least traveled, smelling the roses and chasing the rainbows, but shall return again one day on the path least traveled, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise..

Well, Dairy, have you ever found yourself in the same circumstances on Thanksgiving as the young man Jimmy Dean singing about?? 🙂

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