Ham and beans and earrings on the path least traveled…

Diary from the path least traveled..

Hello Diary,

Relaxing for awhile on a Saturday of a holiday weekend listening to some bossa nova… 🙂 and thought I would pop in and share a few thoughts before getting on with the weekend…. have been busy making some changes in the ole routine.. for beginners; changing the meal times around and will have the heavier meal at lunch time and a lighter meal at evening dinner..they say it is better that way and sounds good to me… so will give it a go… 🙂

Also some programs on TV that I would not mind watching is on after I have retired for the night, many on PBS…so being as how I am a sustaining donor to the local college PBS station, I can get online and watch video streaming of those programs.. Sooooooooooooooo, setting up a spare laptop that I rarely use…


I can now use it as a TV and watch those programs at my leisure, clever, eh?.. 🙂 also had a rainy day last week and all under control, decided to make some earrings out of broken necklaces…also had some lose parts from broken earrings, etc to add…one style…


And another style…


And pulled out all the stops on this pair..didn’t have much supplies to work with at the time but used parts of two plastic spoons, some paint and a brush and some imagination and I have a pair of earrings with a rainbow on one side and blue skies, clouds and a bit of sun on the other..

ear rainbow

Decided to prepare a meal for Labor Day… in history’s past and when my family were into camping, Labor Day usually were the last holiday weekend to go camping and it became tradition to have ham and beans and Brats… I had a tripod for a campfire and would cook the ham and beans for several hours over a wood fire using a cast iron pot…the only way to cook ham and beans is with a cast iron pot no matter what the source of heat is… these days I use a energy efficient hot plate/burner with the cast iron pot and simmer for several hours…

hot plate

I usually purchase a ham, bone in, a de-bone the ham leaving some meat and skin attached and put the bone in the pot with beans, pepper and onion… sometimes I will grille the bratwurst or sometimes I will put thawed out brats in with the ham and beans a couple of hours or so before the beans are finished… and in the end add some buttered, cheesy zucchini and I have Labor Day dinner.. 🙂

beans and brats

Believe I shall close for now and get on with the day and weekend…it is about choices on the path least traveled and here are a few words from others about life’s choices..

“Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to male mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.”
Kevyn Aucoin

Life’s Choices

Life is full of choices
Make sure you pick the right one,
Don’t listen to the voices
Hear only yours and you have won.

Many people will tell you
You need to change your looks,
Don’t take to heart their view
Fabulous bods are found only in books.

There is only one voice
That you should listen to,
It will help make the right choice
That is perfect just for you.

Your looks are your own
Someone will always love you,
You will never be alone
Look in the mirror and you’ll see who.
by Rose

That being said, it is on down the path I go leaving no stone unturned..but I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise… and here on the path, we agree with Mr. Armstrong.. 🙂

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