A little of this and a little of that on the path least traveled…

Diary from the path least traveled…

Hello Diary,

A relaxing Sunday, after a busy week, to behold…thought I would pop in briefly and share a few thoughts before continuing on with the day… as I were out and about taking stock of the yard and gardens, I noticed a butterfly busy gathering food for whatever journey it will go on…


Do not see many butterflies anymore…use to see hundreds of them during the course of spring to fall, especially the Monarch, but due to climate change and the use of chemicals, the populations of butterflies have decreased considerably..same to be said about bee’s… did see one bumblebee the other day, no honeybees to be found…have the same impact on hummingbirds…they all eat nectar or, in the case of hummingbirds, small insects and the use of chemicals on the plants kill bees and hummingbirds also….

Heard some noise and saw a bluejay sounding off while feeding before venturing on moving south…

Blue jay

Had 6 bluejays moving through on Friday…still getting a few stragglers of migratory birds moving through at times…my rat-tail raddish has nearly run it’s course (like the rest of the veggies) and will start saving seeds soon….

seed saving

The path least traveled is slowly moving into the fall mode to prepare for the coming winter…suppose to be a eclipse Monday, so thought I would use my old cell phone which I currently use as a camera and hopefully take a selfie of the eclipse rather than try to look at it…clever, eh?.. 🙂 there is also the possibility that due to cloud cover, may not see it, just observe the darkness…

Believe I had briefly mentioned the wedding of my grandson and his wife last Saturday… here is a picture of the bride, a lovely young lady indeed..


And here is a picture of Dan…looks a good deal like a college professor… 🙂


Unfortunately, due to time and distance I was unable to attend…however I believe all went well and wish both Dan and Katheryn eternal happiness!!!..

Briefly on the dark side, unfortunately not much has changed in the world order since my last blog…. chaos, hate, anger, extremism, ideological and financial greed still exists and doesn’t appear to be going away soon…BUT, us dreamers and rainbow chasers have hope…. 🙂


Hope is a feather floating in a bright blue sky
Hope is that sparkle that shines in your eyes.
Hope is a butterfly fluttering on the wind
Hope is good times spent with family and friends.

Hope is a newborn baby’s cry
Hope is a Mother’s lullaby.
Hope is the rainbow after a rain
Hope is the harvest of golden grain.

Hope is the light that keeps darkness at bay
Hope is the breeze on a hot summer day.
Hope is ever present and free of cost
Hope is the last thing ever lost.

Hope is staying positive when the going gets tough
Hope is seeking change when you feel you’ve had enough.
Hope is recovery from simmering sorrow
Hope is believing in a brighter tomorrow.
Linda Hotger

As I have discovered after helping my late wife, and others, deal with cancer and other diseases, hope is the last thing to die!… 🙂

That being said, will draw to a close my ramblings about this and that and prepare to venture on down the path least traveled…

Let me but live my life from year to year,
With forward face and unreluctant soul;
Not hurrying to, nor turning from the goal;
Not mourning for the things that disappear
In the dim past, nor holding back in fear
From what the future veils; but with a whole
And happy heart, that pays its toll
To Youth and Age, and travels on with cheer.

So let the way wind up the hill or down,
O’er rough or smooth, the journey will be joy:
Still seeking what I sought when but a boy,
New friendship, high adventure, and a crown,
My heart will keep the courage of the quest,
And hope the road’s last turn will be the best.
Henry Van Dyke

To continue to explore and chase rainbows, but shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise… Secret Garden has a song for hope….

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