Zucchini, Cucumbers and tree rats on the path least traveled…

Diary from the path least traveled…

Hello Diary,

Having a leisurely Sunday making plans for the coming week…warm and humid today, the beginning of a hot and humid week next week..( a lot like Florida without the gators and big snakes… 🙂 ).. Therefore planning indoor tasks for next week… will be getting a new washer tomorrow so that will take care of Monday…while out and about, seen some zucchini ready…

zucc ready

Hopefully will make some zucchini bread next week, can put some in the freezer.. Also saw some cucumber ready (below my hand)…


Sliced cucumber and onions in a brine of water and dash of sea salt…yummmmy..will have to deal with them before for the squirrels decide to dine on them… has been very dry here but my occasional watering has kept things going… thought perhaps may get some rain this morning with some rain clouds nearby…

rain clouds

But no luck, too much dry air and with full sun, they dissipated.. As well as the veggies, I keep the watering holes filled with water (next to the brush pile)..


Have six of them altogether scattered around the house and gardens….also keep the ground feeders stocked as the plants, trees, etc are stressed… after all that work of keeping feed and water for them, one would think the squirrels (sometimes referred to as “tree rats” in these parts by some irate gardeners 🙂 ) would be a little more appreciative..if you remember in my last weeks thoughts, I had mentioned squirrels digging in the pots and bins… I ventured out onto the deck this morning and found this….

squirrel damage

Apparently there were not enough room for my plants and the squirrels food, so the plant had to go… 🙂 fortunately the plants were old artificial ones that I had just stuck in the plant for decoration…. Put it back in the pot with a couple of moth balls to keep the squirrels out (would not do that with a live plant)…

Have been keeping an eye on the news (mistake!..depressing 🙂 ) and seeing the world in chaos and disagreement, everyone looking out for themselves, in this country, the USA, also… sadly watching the USA becoming what the founding fathers came to North America to get away from!!…they founded America so everyone could be free from prejudice, ridicule and hate, to follow their dreams, to live their lives as they wished to, not dictated to…if America wishes to know why it is not great, all the people have to do is look in the mirror… 🙂

That being said, spent the morning contemplating the future and words to a poem came into my thoughts, so in leaving, shall leave the poem and some thoughts by Barbra Streisand and I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

A Quiet Sunday Morning…

A quiet Sunday morning to wake up to
Sitting, gazing out, with a spot of tea,
Contemplating my tomorrows
Wondering, what will the future be.

A quiet Sunday morning, sun shining
Thinking about the path, its mysteries many fold,
Each to explore and treasure
Soon a treasured memory to behold.

A quiet Sunday morning, birds chirping
Another day to learn and explore about me.
It is my life.. only get one chance
Will have to do it my way.. don’t you see.

A quiet Sunday morning, being different
Reminding me of words from a song,
Where do I fit in, one asks
One wonders, where do I belong.

A quiet Sunday morning, on the path
At the end of it, on the horizon, a lovely rainbow,
It is there my answers lie… the truth is known
Until then, only Fate will know.

A quiet Sunday morning, spirit and mind at the ready
To seek the rainbow… perhaps around the next bend,
Once found, I’ll have my answers, you see
And that will be the beginning, not the end.
                           (Penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller 7/9/2017)

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