A flag, roses, ham and beans and memories on the path least traveled..

Dear Diary from the path least traveled…

Hello Diary,

Thought I would pop in briefly before bringing the day to a close and share a few thoughts and words… kind of a gloomy day today, perhaps some storms later this evening…it is Memorial Day weekend and a holiday..difficult to do much celebrating with the weather and the state of the world…. 🙂
A pleasant day yesterday, putting world affairs off to the side, and ventured around the yard after doing mowing, etc… got the flag up yesterday for the weekend, though had to take it down for threat of storms yesterday and possibly today….


Will put the flag back up once the weather clears and the threat is gone….life is going on and the path least traveled is starting to come to life after the winter doldrums… have some clematis and roses here (doing better since they removed the tree)…


Roses at the corner growing full steam thanks to the weather…it were my late wife’s, Kathy, favorite and she planted it, wanted to hide the downspout… 🙂

rose garzge corner

Ventured over to the weather instruments and the roses there were going strong also…

roses north

Then I swung by the fish pond and the goldfish were active so I gave them some food…

pond fish 1

Decided to bring the outdoors to a close for the day, ventured indoors and decided on doing some special nails for the holiday, so gave them a coat and did other tasks while they dried….

memorial day nails

And speaking of other tasks, in history’s past would go camping on Memorial Day weekend being a three day weekend (holiday)..one of the traditions for camping were I would slow cook some ham and beans in a cast iron pot over a wood fire, would take a better part of the day.. Well, no wood fire but do have the cast iron pot (the only way to cook ham and beans) and I cooked some last year..found some left over in the deep freeze so having the traditional ham and beans, hot dogs (covered with sauce and parmesan cheese) and fries, have them in the fridge and ready to go for Monday, Memorial Day… 🙂

dogs, beans and fries

In keeping with the meaning of Memorial Day, will finish with a poem I wrote for the occasion and a song, Il Silenzio (after Peter, Paul and Mary) to read the poem by..

In Remembrance……

We were volunteers, one and all
So Noble.. Proud.. and Brave,
Did not know the reasons for war
Just a people from tyranny to save!

Glasses held high, we made an toast
Surely that Victory would rule the day!
While back at home, the voices of unrest
Not a kind word for us did they say.

Some could not vote, children were we
Some could not drink, but still our battle cry,
Even with all that we could not do
For us children, it was to do or die!

Vietnam was a hostile, violent land
The dangers, the horrors of war abound,
Whether the paddies of Vietnam or the fields of home,
Seemed for us, not a friend could be found.

But we proudly gave it our all, lads
Faced our destiny, with a hint of fear of tomorrow
Some to return to a mother’s joy
Some to return to a mother’s sorrow.

So should you be looking on today, lads
One more toast, hold your glasses high,
To PEACE, HOPE and LOVE, may they long endure

(penned on May 30, 2009 by; Sgt, Larry “Dutch” Woller
12th Marine Regiment
Vietnam, 1965–1966…)

So, for a time it is remembering those that have passed on while venturing on down the path least traveled and it is back to living and exploring life, chasing rainbows while occasionally stopping to enjoy the flowers along the way..but I shall return one day, Diary, and share more thoughts, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

And on this, as every Memorial Day, I share the same question as Peter, Paul and Mary…

Il Silenio

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