Spring, nails, hail and a little poetry on the path least traveled

Dear Diary from the path least traveled…

Hello Diary,

I have returned after a busy week of taking care of business and starting to chart a course for a new beginning…resting up a bit today and thought I would pop in and share a few thoughts… spring arrived earlier this week and when it did, brought with it some spring thunderstorms…got a good shot of large hail..

#4 taken 0607, 3-20-2017

Most of the hail were around 1/2 inch in diameter…

#2 taken 0621, 3-20-2017

Though there were a few around 3/4 inch…luckily there wasn’t any damage to speak of… other than some occasional rain, rest of the week were pretty quite weather wise…spent the week doing chores, moving things around in the house and getting ready for my VA appointment Monday…
As you know, I wear nails to cover my fingernails for health reasons ( along with the appearance) and with the high cost of buying nails already finished, and not able to always get what one wants, I have taken up making my own (on rainy days 🙂 … so I purchased what I supplies I needed (cheaper than buying finished nails)..

nail supplies

And some unfinished nails….

nail supplies #2

And started making nails to my taste and likes.. got me a little assembly line going..

Nails #2

And now I am stocked up on a variety of colors that should do for some time ( I change nails about every two weeks)…

Nail assortment

Though I have a variety of colors, the following are my “every day” nails which I wear most of the time..

Nails #1

I have been getting good reviews for my nails, also for my earrings…some I have made myself using broken jewelry that I have found over time….

homemade earrings

It is all about feeling good about ones self and in doing so, helps with the physical health as they both go hand in hand… and because I consider myself a free spirit in a mortal body, therefore not shackled to a given ideology, I am able to do what I need to do and want to do for mental and physical health in order to live and enjoy life…
And that is about all for today, Diary…expect with the coming of spring and summer and a new beginning, there will be much more to share.. 🙂 won’t leave any quotes today but a poem instead..

A Kipling I know I’m not
I know that from the start,
No eloquent words here, my love
Just words of love, from the heart.

Nothing cute or fancy…
No false charmers words here,
But words of undying love for you, my darling
From my heart, my very spirit…. my dear.

Couldn’t find the words for some time
Searched every book and song,
Until that wonderful precious day
That YOU, my love, came along.

Now that I have the words, beloved
What’s this ole country boy to do,
How will these arthritic hands, my love
Say those precious words to you.

It will have to be done right, you know
And I know I will find a way,
To say how much I Love You more
With every heartbeat, each and every day.

There will be no falsehoods or lies for you, dear one
No meaningless empty words, cute or clever,
For I would rather you love me for just one day
Than to hate this ole country boy forever.
(penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller, 7-12-2008)

I shall take my leave now, will have a leisurely day contemplating the tomorrows and what they may bring along a new beginning as I (though not alone) venture down the path least taken… but I shall return one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Even Secret Garden has a song for a new beginning….

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