Water colors, plastic spoons and rainbows on the path least traveled….

Dear Diary Page 90…

Hello Diary..

Day is moving right along, going well so far.. hot and humid outdoors and perhaps some storms later…just popping in briefly to answer the question about the plastic spoons…after separating the handle from the rest of the spoon, gathered up my supplies left over from the flea market days…got some primer paint, paint for base coat and a sealer, also the water colors….


Normally I would have use acrylics but didn’t have any.. I put a coat of primer on for adhesion…

plastic spoon primer

Allowing plenty of time for drying with the heat and humidity, I then applied the finish coat, a sky blue….

plasstic spoon finish  coat

Once that was dry, got out the watercolors and a varied assortment of over used brushes and started on the rainbow….

rainbowon spoon

Once dry added a few abstract clouds, did some abstract painting on the back and when that was dry, added a couple of links of broken necklace and a hook….

hook and necklace

And after all of that, what does one have, one would ask?…. Rainbow earrings!!!.. 😀

finished earring

Now I won’t have to go very far to find a rainbow, will have my rainbow connection with me whenever I wear them….

Sing it Kermie!!…

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