Hot, Humid and Father’s Day on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 88…

Hello Diary,

Day most done, starting to warm up again so I cleaned up and decided to do a quick blog.. Looked at the calendar and saw that tomorrow, Sunday, was Father’s day, so thought I would share a few thoughts and a memory or two…

One cannot be father unless one has a pair like this to draw to…. 😀

e &  k

My daughter Kim and my son Eric…I had made a oath that they would never be known as my kids one would say ”there is Larry Woller’s kids”.. they would say there is Eric or Kim.. I were their father to be sure and there all the way but would let them pursue their destiny their way, being individuals, free spirits and all that they accomplished and would accomplish, they would have the dignity and pride of doing it as Kim and Eric, not as my kids, they would never live under my shadow…I would pay the bills and make an occasional venture to the emergency room, falling off of horses, getting skinned up playing, seeing how far they could go.. 😀

Memories are numerous, remember about Christmas time and their attempts to decorate the tree…

e & k 2

Of course they were small and Kim would put her ornaments where Eric did so all the ornaments they put up were bunched up in one small space near the bottom.. But, again, I did not say a word but knew that Santa would pop in after they went to bed and rearrange things a bit.. 😀

And so, there were years of making memories, far too many to post here, some with joy, one or two with a touch of sadness and then one morning one realizes that they have grown up to the point of getting ready to “leave the nest and fly away”..



To follow their dreams, to search for their destiny.. They were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, sometimes the going got a bit tough, but they never quit, never gave up…

Kim has her work and over the years, with scooping a lot of manure, has worked her way up in the world of equestrian..her dream..

k jumping

I remember the day the horse made the jump and Kim didn’t… 😀

And Eric has his dream and after some time in the Marine Corp..

e marines

his work and dream has become one…

e painting

So they are far away from the nest, chasing their dreams as it should be, some days are diamonds and some days are stones, and there will be more of them before they find their destiny, I’m afraid.. but they have been doing a wonderful job….

kim family

eric family

Of being Kim and Eric…I need to mention my other two kids, Karlen (Kim’s husband) and Patty (Eric’s wife)… and a father cannot be more proud of something then that… 🙂

Better close now, Diary, bring the day to an end on the path least traveled.. Hot and humid next couple of days, Bree and I will be making plans for the rest of the week when it cools down some while taking it easy while it is hot and humid, have indoor projects to do.. you see, Bree and I are chasing our dreams also.. 😀 not sure when we will return, but return we will, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise..

Thought I would again post the song “Little Folks” by Charlie Daniels for any dads out there..moms too.. 🙂

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