What do pain, suffering and death have in common?..guns and religion

Dear Diary Page 87….

Hello Diary…
Did not expect to return this soon, but events over the weekend had prompted me to post some words before starting the day and week.. this, of course, is related to the shooting in Orlando…becoming typical these days in America, a great deal of finger pointing and blaming, closed minds already passing judgement… a sign of weakness, not greatness… so far it seems it is just a mortal with a heart filled with hate and had access to a weapon created and designed for “mass destruction”, nothing else….

So, who filled Omar Mateen’s heart with hate, were it Islam or were it mortals, American Christians, like the following;

From the Christian Post…
Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz., a 31-year-old electrician, father of seven and pastor from Tempe, Ariz., who once wished President Barack Obama would die of brain cancer like Ted Kennedy, came under fire from Irish citizens last week after he declared that the Bible says “gays should be executed” and he supports the teaching.

MooreDaily.com, ran a story featuring Facebook conversations from a Republican candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Scott Esk, who is running in Oklahoma’s 91st District, made a number of posts last summer critical of homosexuality and stating that “we would be totally in the right” to execute gays by stoning them. He stated during the Facebook conversation that while he is a libertarian, and stoning gays to death is kind of against those principles, he feels that it would morally be the right thing to do by God, and that it is a shame that this nation ignores things that are worthy of death.

Kevin P. Swanson, a minister in Colorado and host of the Generations Radio Show said; “YES! Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death penalty for homosexuals. YES! Romans Chapter 1, Verse 32, the Apostle Paul does say that homosexuals are worthy of death. His words, not mine! And I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I am not ashamed of the truth of the word of God. And I am willing to go to jail for standing on the truth of the word of God.” To be sure, he did say that “civil leaders” should not apply the death penalty today, not until the culture has changed and gays have been put on notice that they must repent or be put to death

Matt McLaughlin A lawyer in California has submitted a ballot initiative called “The Sodomite Suppression Act” He said “Seeing that it is better that offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst, the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.”

Mississippi, GOP state Rep. Andy Gipson posted a message on his Facebook page which calls for putting gays and lesbians to death. He posted “ “Been a lot of press on Obama’s opinion on “homosexual marriage.” The only opinion that counts is God’s: see Romans 1:26-28 and Leviticus 20:13. Anyway you slice it, it is sin. Not to mention horrific social policy. According to Leviticus 20:13, “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

The above mortals are just an example of the thousands of Americans who share the same ideology…both Islam and Christian ideologies created in the minds of disgruntled sheep herders dissatisfied with life hundreds of years ago and used today to justify inflicting pain, suffering and even death to creatures who do not adhere or abide to their thinking or ideology…

Ask me again why I am not religious.. I do believe that unless mortal man becomes civilized it will be religion, not some big rock from outer space, that will ultimately destroy mankind…

Will have to go now, get on with life..as I always do at the end of my blog is post a video or two and today I will post one for those victims of the Orlando shooting (as well as others) who, while exercising their right to pursue life, liberty and happiness, became victim to an act committed by a mortal in the name of some god… the song is from the movie Gladiator and is called “Now We Are Free”..

HI HO HI HO it is on down the path least traveled Bree and I go.. no assault rifle and no religion so with the exception of an occasional appearance by a certain little possum, Attila, mostly peaceful with all creatures pursing life, liberty and happiness…will be back again some day, not sure when, not sure where… Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise..

And, of course, Bree and I will be doing it…

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