Gardening and exploring life on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 78…

Dear Diary,

Been a busy week but have yard work and garden taken care of for one more year and ready for the next round of fall… 😀 waiting for the laundry to dry to finish the week so thought I would do a blog.. will be far and few inbetween in the future while Bree and I enjoy life and search for our destiny… after a day outdoors finishing up, got laundry started and then cleaned up myself… changed my nails and the girls talked me into trying the French look, they said it was the latest rage…thought I would give it a try…

french nails

While looking at the nails, some words from the Bellamy brothers song came to mind;
“He’s a old hippie
And not sure what to do,
Don’t fit in with the old
And too old for the new.”

To those words I add my own..

Not part of the old, nor part of the new
But somewhere in the middle, I fear,
Thoroughly enjoying every second of time
While playing it by ear….. 😀

That being said, changed plans about the Three Maidens and decided not to do them, maybe next year, so used the space for my green beans pole type…here is a before..

green beans

And after a mornings work, here is the after with beans planted…

green beans 2

Used some spare fencing I had up the poles and between the poles for support for the beans to climb on… while working in the area I noticed the onions were growing after some watering and good rains…

onions growing

Tried something new this year for the tomatoes, a growing bag.. has handles should I need to move it, is porous so it will drain well and very durable, has 2 cu. ft of potting soil so the tomatoes should do well….

tomato plants

I will add support for the tomatoes later…. Next to the tomatoes are the “rat-tail” radish and they are growing with the warm weather..


And near by are the potatoes that I planted on Good Friday and they have surfaced and growing..


Getting off topic a bit, the last few times I have opened Facebook I have seen some posts about hacking… I did have issues with Facebook some time back and deleted my account ( I have family members that have had issues also) but decided to come back and give it another chance… should it happen again, I will be gone, no coming back!!!..also I am not actively sending out friend requests and as I mentioned early, my visits in Facebook, and blogs, will become far and few inbetween in the future… there is a life outside of Facebook and Bree and I will be part of it and enjoying it… 😀

That being said, should one get a strange post or request from me in Facebook, proceed with caution…. 😀

And THAT being said, 😀 , Bree’s nap is over, laundry is ready to fold so it is time to close, bring the week to a end and take a que from Willie Nelson and Bree and I get on the path least traveled again…. 😀

But we shall return again one day, never fear.. Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

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