Sleet, celery, carrots and door locks on the path least traveled..

Dear Diary Page 74…

Hello Diary..

Days work done, not much on TV so thought I would stop in and leave a few thoughts, bringing you up to speed.. had a buy few days in spite of the weather.. had Plan A for indoors and Plan B for outdoors and stayed with Plan A for the most part..rain, windy and winter has not left yet…cold, wet, windy and rainy today, even got a bit of sleet…


Below freezing tonight, Friday, cold tomorrow, thunderstorms Sunday and Monday… that being said, going with Plan A, decided on catching up with the cooking yesterday and today, it looked like Rachel Ray was in the kitchen… 😀 ..

cooking 1

Were multi-tasking making pork tips in the toaster oven and popcorn chicken in the T-Fal cooker at the same time, had Bree and Andre Rieu setting the pace…

Managed to finish the pork and chicken, put the pieces on cookie sheets and froze them overnight and now have a gallon bag of pork tips and popcorn chicken, can use however much I wish..

pork and chicken

Also made some homemade vegetable soup and it was cooking while I were dealing with the rest.. Have a gallon of soup and this weekend will put it in individual portions and freeze it..

veggie soup

Did some errands this morning, ventured to the grocery and decided to make some homemade chicken noodle soup… returned home and started the chicken thighs, without the skin…

chicken thighs

A short while ago I took the thighs out, separated the meat from the bone and cleaned the gristle, fat, etc, chopped up the chicken and put the chicken and bone in the pot… will add the veggies and noodles tomorrow to finish…

chicken noodle soup 16

Purchased some fresh celery and baby carrots to use in the soup, that which I did not use, I froze to avoid spoilage.. put the carrots on a cookie sheet and in the freezer…


I blanched the celery to preserve it better..

blance celery

Then, like the carrots, on a cookie sheet and in the freezer..

celery for freezer

The celery and carrots won’t thaw out crunchy, but will still have color and flavor and good for stews, soups, salsa, etc…

Soooooooooooooo, that about takes care of the cooking for a time, now hope the weather will improve and can venture outdoors… will play the weekend by ear, plan for next week..

As a side note, while at the grocery came across the “group” discussing the restroom issues that seem to be making the news, primarily south of the Mason Dixon line at the moment.. Don’t have any issue here, have two bathrooms, neither is marked; Male, Female or Ya’ll come.. It is first come first served…and if one has a issue with privacy, both doors have a 20th century innovation called a “lock” a basically simple device, however, should one be part of the percentage of America whose hat size is higher than their IQ, there are instructions, with pictures, on how to use the lock on the door..and should one still have a issue and find themselves lock in, can always hollar “help”, and one can read the library I have well stocked (it is also a back-up should I inadvertently run out of TP… sure do miss those Sears catalogs… ) until someone comes to unlock the door… the last two pubs I visited a few years back didn’t make any difference what was on the door… 😀

And so it goes on the path least traveled, just trying to keep it simple… 😀 better go now and finish the day, prepare for the tomorrows and whatever the tomorrows may bring…but Bree and I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise..

As always, the venture down the path least traveled is a sentimental one..

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