What does paper, chicken, celery and bagels have in common, one asks?.. a winter day on the path least traveled..

Dear Diary Page 62…

Hello Diary,

Been awhile since I have posted, busy dealing with charting a new course, weather, tasks and chores.. also dealing with a bit of sinus infection but have that under control.. weather has not been the best but appears more spring like in the near future and that time of year when I will spend the weekend making plans for the outdoors, gardens and yard and other projects….think spring!!… 😀

What does one do when it is not fit to be outdoors, well, did a tasks on one of the days that I have been wanting to do for some time…first one, recycling printer paper… I save the printer paper if it is clear on one side, and cut it up using a cutting board into 3” x 4” pieces..

paper cutter

Then I stack pads however size I wish and using Mod-Podge make note pads…

gluing pad

Three coats of glue and the finished product…..

note pad

And when I am done with it, it goes into the compost bin and becomes compost for my vegetables and other plants…another task was blanching and freezing celery…


I blanche the celery to help hold the flavor and lasts longer in the freezer…

celery in pot

The I put the celery pieces on a cookie sheet and freeze them separately so when I put the celery in a freezer bag, they will not freeze together and I can use however many I need…

celery on cookie sheet

The celery will not thaw out crispy but I use the celery for soups and stews, perfect for that… while I was in the process of doing those tasks, during the waiting times I made some more garlic, cheesy bagels…


And some more popcorn chicken made out of chicken breasts….

popcorn chicken

Also went to the post office and encountered my neighbor and his cronies chatting about elections and politics and using labels like conservative, liberal, atheist, evangelical, gay, transgender, etc and one of them ask “Hey, Woller, we are conservative Republicans, what are you?”.. I said “ I am ME”..he ask “what is ME?”.. I said “ that is the shortened version of; independent, non-religious, non-conforming, doing it my way and enjoying every minute of it, all-American heathen.”.. nothing more was said,….as it is said “silence is golden”… 😀 ..
Over 35, never did the drug scene, hair is not gray but thin, not into country music any more, volunteered not drafted, but I can relate with the Bellamy brothers… 😀

And so another day becomes a memory on the path least traveled, hopefully many more to come…. and speaking of life, it seems to be calling, better see what it has in store….will return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

And soon cloudy, wintry skies will give way to blue skies with rainbows, right Kermit?…. 😀