Nail polish, baby rabbits and limbs galore on the path least traveled….

Dear Diary Page 70…

Hello Diary,
Taking a break from all the activities, so sharing some thoughts while listening to a spring thunderstorm …got some correspondence from the American Cancer Society today, there is a center in Savoy, a town near here, and I have worked with them before (allow the following oranizations the use of my PC on occasion to help map cancer;
Member (since 2005 to present) BOINC Project (University of Berkeley, Calif.); Princess Margaret Cancer Center/World Community Grid, Setihome (astrophysics/astrobiology University of Berkeley, Calif.), POEM@Home (Biology and Medicine, University of Karlsruhe, Germany/protein research).)
and the cancer society inquired as to how I were doing and with March being a awareness Month if I were doing anything… I had not give it thought, ventured into the bathroom and saw a old bottle of pink nail polish and the perverbial light came on… will recycle the nails this weekend (per previous blog) so gave them a coat of pink..

pink nails

The paint job a little rough but as my Dad, who was a blacksmith as well as a farmer and did some welding, would always say “ it may not be pretty, but it is hell for stout”… it is the thought that counts anyway!… 😀 did manage to venture out this morning and do a few things, one being uncovering the fish pond..put clear visqueen over the leaf netting during the winter, uncover in the spring…


Still lots to do with it but getting it ready for spring and wanted to see if the goldfish made it through the winter, and they did…


Get enough water and deep enough, the goldfish will survive the winter and I help them with the visqueen, not air tight but does help from freezing over solid..yesterday was a better day and Bree and I ventured out to gather sticks…I have one small brush pile near one bird feeder (put down new cloth also, don’t lose seed in the ground)..will tidy it up later when better weather…

brushpile 1

And used this years branches to start a new one near the other feeder..


The backyard birds and other creatures use those piles to protect them from predators, especially wild cats that irresponsible people turned loose after the cat went from “cute” kitten to undesirable adult.. Bree usually does well with keeping cats out of the yard, the last one that tried to stand up to Bree ended up in a very tall tree hollering for help, could hear the cat blocks away.. I took Bree indoors (Bree was going to set at the bottom of the tree and wait for the cat to come down) and the cat eventually took off on it’s own..
While picking up limbs I came upon a small pile and what I thought was part of a birds nest that got blown out of a tree..

rabbit nest

I reached down to gather up the limbs, moved some of the limbs and two baby rabbits jumped out!.. That wasn’t a bird’s nest but a rabbits nest with some branches over it…they only jumped a few inches, I carefully walked away and watched and the two little rabbits went back into the nest thankfully… probably got one good look at the world outside and seen enough!!… 😀

The storms are moving off but more on the way…thought I would leave a few thoughts before finishing the day, nothing about religion today..:D although I do have three books, the Torah, the Koran and the Bible for reference .. should I decide to critique in greater detail.. 😀

reference books

I use to be on international forums till a couple years ago and being the good Marine I am, didn’t go into battle unprepared.. 😀

Bye for now, Diary, it’s on down the path least traveled we go, looking under rocks, looking for rainbows and curious as to what is around the bend… will be back again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Like Yanni, living life until the last moment on the path least traveled…

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