What do robins, crocus, ants and poetry have in common…spring!

Dear Diary Page 65…..

Hello again, Diary..

Had a busy week here, planning, preparing, dealing with the weather… luck on our wide weather wise, no severe weather and all rain…finishing up the chores today, Friday, will have a somewhat leisurely weekend, playing it by ear…

As for the weather, saw my first robin a few days back…


The numbers are starting to grow along with other types of songbirds and other species who are visiting on their venture north… also saw some crocus coming thru the leaves…


Still have a layer of leaves and hoping I can venture out next week and start in on the yard work, weather permitting…

Went to the kitchen to start a pot of tea, looked on the counter and “horrors”… ants!!!


Robins, crocus, ants…a sure sign that spring is on the way!!.. one more thing that hints of spring coming, time changes this Sunday, get to go on fast time for awhile and set the clock ahead… 😀
Bree has been getting more and more hesitant about getting up on the couch (she joins me there when I watch a bit of tv before retiring for the night), the bed and her perch to watch out the window to keep an eye on the neighborhood…think the aging process may be taking its toll… so I built her some ramps today..

For the bedroom..

ramp to bed

The couch…

ramp to couch

And her perch…

ramp to window

Those are the three main places that she jumps up to on a daily basis so it should help her…that being said, tasks and chores for the week almost finished, clothes in the dryer still…soooooooooooooo a weekend of listening to it rain while perhaps doing some painting, drawing, modeling, working on my Spanish and so on, that is until Bree wakes up anyway… 😀

And speaking of the dryer, it just buzzed so will sign off now, Diary, but I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise….

Might even try writing a poem, perhaps like the one I wrote below, with a little background help from Andre Rieu…. 😀

It’s evening here all is serene
Waiting for the sandman, my love,
Thoughts of you fill my mind and heart
While gazing at stars above.

Trying to find the elusive words
That will allow this mortal to say,
In a thousand ways, that I Love You
And will always do so each and every day.

Thoughts of you are in my mind
My spirit, yea my very heart,
Can’t find all the words I’m looking for
Don’t even know where to start.

So this will have to do, my love
For now it’s the best I can do,
To tell you from the bottom of my heart
How much that I love you!

Our love without end
Through an eternity it will endure,
A love so wonderfully right
Beautiful and pure.

And know this, my beloved
As I did from the very start,
Your love will be locked forever
Inside this country boys heart!

(Penned by the hand guided by the heart of Larry “ Dutch” Woller, 6-24-08)

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