Rain and more rain and Bree and I doing it our way on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 64..

Hello Diary,

A busy week of tasks, chores, planning a new course and dealing with the weather…. more like the monsoon season I witnessed when I were in Vietnam with heavy rain the next few days and maybe even a thunderstorm….the upside is one doesn’t have to shovel rain…. 😀 …

Bree hit the ground running, bolted out the door to engage in life and ran head on into inclement weather… did what she needed to do on the run and went straight to her “den” she has created under the daybed…

Bree's den

Unlike the groundhog she didn’t see her shadow, doesn’t make predictions, just don’t wake her till spring gets here.. 😀

That being said, thought I would pop in briefly and leave some thoughts for the day before I venture off to do some errands before the weather event arrives on the path least traveled, thoughts I try follow, thoughts like my dream…. so it’s bye for now, Diary, but I shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise….

“Let good thoughts be your shield and good deeds be your sword….remember what you did today, you may be able to put it to better use tomorrow…. keep a dream in your pocket…… pay no heed to adversity, cynicism, bigotry, self-righteousness, intolerance, as those are the ways of the weak, greedy and narrow minded…..abide by the rules of love and rise up, be yourself, because being larger than life is just the right size and you will never regret it….”

Now, where did I leave that rainbow… 😀

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