Bree, pudding, nails and change on the path least traveled

Dear Diary Page 63

Hello, Diary..

Took a break from planning and chores and decided to try a pudding cup… checked the fridge and only two left, figured I had better make some more… 😀 it will be what I wish and can make the cups in many ways…. Sooooooooooooooooo, I gathered up 8 1/2 cup Zip-Loc containers plus two spares should they be needed…

ziploc cup

Made mark outside the cup for half full, the pudding of choice today was banana cream…

banana cream pudding

One box will make four but will add other ingredients so will make 8 ( and had enough left over to make two more… )… first put in some vanilla wafers somewhat crushed…

vanilla wafers

Then mixed up one batch and filled half full…once done, I put in a layer of sweetened, shredded coconut..


The I made the second batch and filled up to the lip where the lid stopped….

finished filling

Did I then put the lid on?… nooooooooooo I topped the cup off with Cool Whip… 😀

cool whip

Then I wrapped them in cling wrap and in the fridge.. 10 vanilla wafer, coconut banana cream pudding cups…

cling wrap

Couldn’t do it without my assistant and senior taster though.. 😀


Got that all finished and decided to put off any more planning till tomorrow.. checked out some spring weather instruments to put out later, then I has some me time and worked on my nails, yes I said nails.. I have very brittle nails and break off easily, due to the aging process, etc…three years ago, while working it the gardens, two broke off into the quick and got the fingers infected.. after trying a number of cures that didn’t work, decided on acrylics.. do the nails for three reasons, 1. to protect the fingers and nails 2. I am out of the “box” 3. I refuse to go through life looking like a dirt grubbing Neanderthal…. the doctor at the VA was impressed…. 😀


Like the times, the weather, Bree and I are a changing, so we are adapting, no dinosaurs here… 😀

And so another day (somewhat cloudy and gloomy outdoors) on the path least traveled..just popping in to leave some thoughts before I move on down that path, with little Bree, and see what is around the bend… but will return one day, Diary, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise..

And, Diary, better take heed to the Seekers, for it is happening here on the path least traveled also… 😀

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