Storms, soup and solar power on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 55…

Hello Diary..

Been dealing with a sinus infection for past few days but believe I’m on the mend… 😀 just in time for some stormy weather and undecided weather also…
Been mild but windy for the past few days setting up the scene for some crazy weather first of the week, mainly Tuesday… depending on the track of the Low, could get snow…

tuesday winter storm

Or if the track moves further north, could get severe weather…

tuesday severe storm

That being said, remember the third week of (or the second, not sure at the moment) January of 1967 where we had the same time of weather, had tornadoes one day with thunderstorms and when the front come through that night, the other shoe fell and had a ice storm and was out of power for a week… hopefully that will not happen for anyone…winter returns end of the week…

And what does Bree think about this talk of storms and all… it is what it is, stretched out and snoring with the best of them… 😀

bree snoring

We are prepared for whatever happens, ready should we lose power for whatever reason.. lights, candles, etc.. also found a inexpensive solar powered portable charger ( can also charge it by USB) for cell phones and mobile devices.. haven’t had the chance to use it yet…

solar charger

Also made a pot of homemade vegetable soup….

homemade c & noodle soup

Saved bowl for Tuesday and put the rest in individual containers and in the freezer for future use..

soup in bags

So that is about all for today, Diary, hope you stay warm and safe, going to leave to finish the day, shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Perhaps Yanni can calm the storm… 😀

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