Fishing, beaches, boogie boards and memories on the path leas traveled

Dear Diary Page 54…

Hello Diary..

Been somewhat busy here bringing some pages of history to a close and starting new pages…while dealing with every day tasks and chores, dealing with the weather…and while dealing with the weather, briefly returned to Florida as the subject matter…comparing the benefits of here and there…. 😀

Here in the prairies I went fishing last Friday, caught my limit in about two minutes, actual fishing time, not counting transportation, etc…


Little expense, a great variety and already cleaned….

Also go to be beach every afternoon…

shower curtian, boogie board

The water is a generally calm, the weather a constant 74 degrees, gentle breeze and low humidity… don’t have to fight the crowds…. I may be the only person miles around that has a genuine Ron-Jons boogie board!….

And, of course, I have my lifeguard on stand-by should I need assistance…

Bree sitting

That being said and one’s status in life is largely a state of one’s mind, I can go to the beach and fishing with all the comforts of home, saving the expense and not having to deal with large fish, large lizards, large snakes, man eating ants, etc… and it gives me time to explore and live life for there is more to life than beaches and fishing…. 😀

Also gives me time to chase rainbows…

Now, getting away from being the village beach bum for the moment, chatted with a friend briefly about how fast the children grow up…times does seem to fly and in time the children seem to fly away also…the way of things I suppose… especially difficult for the mother (who will become a grandmother, etc) as it is said “ a child is the mother’s heart outside her body”… but the key is memories, for as long as there are memories, no one goes anywhere..

The conversation reminded me of two songs I heard many years back, both about memories….the first by Red Sovine…not sure how well one’s audio is, but he will sing the line “I fussed at her” and with the quality of the video and all, it may seem like he said “cussed” at her…

The second is by Charlie Daniels…

Well, enough for today… have some lettuce and tomato that needs to be used or lose so homemade chicken noodle soup and BLT’s.. Will return another day as we travel down the path least traveled, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise… and while on the subject of memories, will let Andre Rieu finish…

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