As you believe, so you shall be on the path least traveled

Dear Diary Page 53…

Hello Diary..

Had a active, productive week so planned for a not too busy day today, a gloomy day before winter arrives again, the weekend.. some small tasks along with daily chores and tasks… one of the tasks were to replant the Christmas Cactus…

repotting cactus

The only time it blooms is in July… tried some of the methods to get it to bloom at Christmas but they never worked and almost killed the plant… have had it for years, a tough ole cactus as it has taken some punishment and has some health issues… so if one wishes to see this cactus bloom at Christmas, one needs to take a picture of it in July and put the picture out at Christmas…. 😀 Put some starts in a glass so hopefully they will take root faster…

cactus starts

Another task was the miniature citrus tree…

citrus tree

It is a tropical tree and won’t tolerate the winter outdoors, so I set it out in the spring after the danger of frost and bring it inside in the fall.. it has fruit that looks like a tangerine about the size of a silver dollar.. it is a old tree, has fruit whenever it wants to, like the cactus and the blooming.. it has taken a beating and has some health issues also, but just like the cactus, it keeps on going.. 😀

I got it when it was about the size of the sapling that I managed to start from a seed several years ago…

citrus tree start

I was doing the weather this morning, as I do every morning, and Bree had gotten up earlier than usual so after a brief venture outdoors, she came in and laid down by my feet… she was a bit in the way but would never tell her that.. 😀

Bree napping

Like the cactus and the tree, she too is old, has taken some punishment over time…been bitten by a loose dog that some irresponsible person did not have on a leash, has a heart murmur that gets a tad bit worse every year and one day she will venture out and go on the chase and it will be her last…the vets said I should attempt to keep her calm and sedated… I grinned and said “that is not Bree, that would be like telling a bird not to fly”…

To tell the cactus when to bloom, the tree when to bare fruit, to tell Bree not to chase is not acting in their best interests but mine, me being selfish, and that is not the way it is here on the path least traveled… we are what we are and wish to be, not chained or imprisoned by someone else’s ideology… 😀

I, too, are like Bree, the cactus and the tree…aging and have taken some punishment over the years and I suspect that at some point in time in the future, as yet to be determined, we will be singing along with Johnny Paycheck..

In the meantime, there is a life to live and explore and in doing so no doubt will have some dark days, some days where it seem life isn’t fair and knocked back a bit but we will follow Frank Sinatra’s lead…

And when we wake up in the morning, being glad that we woke up on “the green side of the grass”, we sing along with Lucy….

There is a great deal yet to be done on the path least traveled, adventures to be had…

Before we go….

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