A message to the faithful from the path least traveled, smile

Dear Diary Page 52…

Hello Diary..

Ran some errands today before the next round of winter arrives this weekend…stopped at the local grocery to get a few things and encountered a group that was discussing religion… now, they know my views and feelings about religion but one of them ask me, with a smile on his face, “Woller, if you were into the religion, what message would you give to the faithful?”…

Well, I grinned and said “ if I were into religion, my backyard is my cathedral…”



The sky is the ceiling…

blues skies

All the creatures are the choir..

wood pigeon


Bree, of course, would be choir director….

Bree 3

And the message we would give to ALL the faithful world over would be the one written and sung by Tom T Hall… and we would turn up the volume, as we are doing just fine on the path least traveled…

Sing it loud choir!!.. 😀


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