More Christmas cheer on the path least traveled

Dear Diary Page 45…

Dear Diary,

Stopping in briefly to leave a few thoughts again… today was designated the day to venture to the cemeteries and leave some flowers and spread a bit of holiday spirit and with everyone else leaving flowers the cemeteries were beginning to look a lot like Christmas also…

So Bree and I first ventured to the cemetery where my parents and Kathy’s parents are.. and they are buried next to each other so that corner of the cemetery should be a lively one indeed!!… 😀 left my flowers there ( as I do every year).. I made all the flower arrangements myself, did them yesterday..

Then we ventured to the National cemetery where Kathy is… for this one time will post the marker for members of the family, and friends, that have not seen the stone… the first one is without the flowers….

stone without flowers

The second is with the flowers, the VA placed the wreath as they did every grave….

Stone with flowers

Mission accomplished, so after popping into the store to get a few things, ventured back home with Christmas taken care of and can now rest, relax and reminisce and enjoy the holidays… to plot and charter new courses… well, maybe not today as it seems Bree has other plans… 😀

Such as it is, on the path least traveled…. not sure if I will return before Christmas but I will be back again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise….

Good music, snow or no snow… 😀

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