Preparing for the holidays on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 45…

Dear Diary,

Stopping in briefly to leave a few thoughts before getting on with the day and holiday… weather today much like the weekend, dreary and rainy…
Did do some reminiscing over the weekend (will do some more as time goes along), specially all the Christmas’s past.. and the presents I didn’t get.. made a list for Santa, managed to keep it under 50 pages… 😀

letter to santa

Decided I had better check to make sure I had all the “fixing’s” for Christmas day… checked the pantry..


Then I checked the fridge……


Kind of reminded me of a slogan of a store that was in the area years back, the name of the store was Huey’s Bargain Barn and on the sign out front where one entered the building were the words; “Huey says; if it is not on the shelf, look on the floor, if it is not on the floor, we ain’t got it no more”…

While checking the pantry, took time to look at the lovely cards from family and friends on the pantry door…

christmas cards

Well, Diary, better scoot and get on with the day, chores, tasks, preparing for and enjoying the holidays to do on the path least traveled….shall return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

Will close with Ray Stevens and Andre Rieu… for those that may have presents that say “ don’t open till Christmas” pay close attention to Mr. Stevens… 😀

Let’s get the holiday started Mr. Rieu…


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