Some thought about the holiday, the yestersdays, the todays and the tomorrows on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 44…

Dear Diary,

Taking a break in the days activities and preparing for the holidays to leave a few thoughts… been a dreary day outdoors here..

dreary day

And talking about rain tonight and tomorrow, not a very pleasant weekend to get in the spirit weather-wise… 😀 but do have presents wrapped…


Bree’s present is in a safe place, for as far as she is concerned it is the holidays and Christmas every day!!.. 😀 also helped Santa get presents sent off should he not have time to deliver personally.. only thing left to do is prepare for, and enjoy, the holidays… Sooooooooooooooooooo, perhaps this may be a good weekend to relax a bit and have some insight about life’s events, past, present and future…

Casually reminisce about the yesterdays and that which brought one to this point in time, the good and bad, love found and love lost, forever wasn’t long enough.. those were the days….

And, of course, live and enjoy today, cherish it because it will never come again, a wonderful day because one “woke up on the green side of the grass” and was able to be here when it came.. a zip-a-dee-do-dah day whatever the circumstances…

And now the tomorrow’s…to contemplate, dream and wonder what lies ahead on the path least traveled…what the tomorrow’s will bring… with change in the universe, technology and all the wonders it is capable of, good or a stranger briefly and share a few hurried thoughts, like ships passing in the night…or perhaps someone disagreeable and hateful, a miserable creature, reminding one how fortunate one is to not be like that.. perhaps meets someone with which one develops a bond, and can share thoughts and words, both public and intimate, to face life’s unknowns…or maybe none of the above… 😀

So tell me Fate, answer me Destiny
You hold the key,
What lies ahead
What awaits me…

Silence, huh?….. not answering, huh?.. Oh well, perhaps when the time is right.. 😀 in either case, tomorrow will be..

Will do all this contemplating and dreaming with some help from Secret Garden, good music to think by….

Wrote a poem about Christmas and no snow some years back on a day very near like today, about the same time of the month, I believe… perhaps a good time to post it…

Christmas Is Coming, White Or Not…….

Tis rain and fog, not a snowflake in sight
Looks more like Christmas in Hawaii, and this I fear,
With the weather forecast in hand
May not be a white Christmas this year!

The tree is trimmed, not as many lights this year
The presents are fewer, but tis the thought that counts,
Maybe not as plentiful, but food being prepared
As Christmas draws near and excitement mounts!

The spirit is in the air, the weather not to matter
And I am caught up in the spirit, I must confess,
So white or no, Merry Christmas to ALL!
And may all your presents be filled…. with love and happiness!!
(penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller, 12-19-2009)

Well, I had better mosey on down the path least traveled, Diary, have taken enough of your time and, like me, the day is still young… 😀 will return again one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise…

HO HO HO he cried as he got into his sleigh
And as he flew off into the night, he said…

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