Kind of like being old on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 43…

Hello Diary….

Has been a hectic and busy past few days but have but have brought another page of history to a close and now time to move on down the path least traveled…
Were going to do a blog about hobbies but that can wait till the weekend, a dreary weekend forecasted and perhaps a good time to do that….what the topic is to day is being young versus being old… 😀

Have heard the phrase “wish I were young again” a number of times of late and with this being “maintenance” Wednesday, while doing chores and tasks, gave that some thought and I believe I like where I am (I have to anyway physically… 😀 )… unlike when I were young, I have over a half century of knowledge, the mind a storehouse at my call….perhaps more than some because I wasn’t, and am not now, restrained by social or religious ideology… able to venture forth and explore with a open mind.. and the wisdom part comes with when and how to use that knowledge, believe Mark van Doren said it best…

“Any piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at this moment exactly proportioned to my skill to deal with it. Tomorrow, when I know more, I will recall that piece of knowledge and use it better.”

Perhaps can help the world become a better place other than what it is today…

Yes, there is pride but pride tempered by equal amounts of humility for too much pride can be a bad thing… so much for the mind, now the heart… while the body may be old, the heart is not and one can do a lot when…

A heart with a half century of compassion, dreams, understanding, poetry, that believes in rainbows..

A heart with over a half century of has become real love, guarded carefully, not given to anyone or anything in a random manner, not to be taken lightly…. would be wonderful if the whole world had a heart like that… 😀

So, granted the ole body may need a Tylenol from time to time, but with a heart like that for a engine and a mind filled with knowledge guiding it, who would wish to turn back time and return to the wilderness… 😀

Soooooooooooooo, will venture own down the path least traveled, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise, eyes on the horizon while looking for the rainbow, to find out who or what lies ahead for me and a little dog, Bree… while following the advice of the Seekers with every step…


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