A passing, some flowers and holiday spirit on the path least traveled

Dear Diary Page 42…

Hello Diary,

Just dropping in to leave some thoughts, been a long week here and bringing it to a close on the path least traveled..

Mom’s life on earth has run its course and she has moved on…she left with dignity and pride.. will bring a page of history to a close next week…


While on the subject of cemeteries, have the flowers and stands on hand..

grave flowers

Will take them out in a couple of weeks and bringing a little holiday cheer and hopefully brighten things up a bit….

Changing the subject a bit, got December’s bill from Ameren… I haven’t been living a sparse, Spartan life but have been watching my usage, using power saving technology when can, and with budget billing, I do not owe Ameren any money!…


Getting ready to do a bit of wrapping…. and thought back in time to some holiday music to wrap by….not only wrapped to this music, but danced to it also…. 😀

Didn’t do much wrapping to this song, but did dance a lot!!!… 😀

Santa left off my Christmas present to be wrapped, he didn’t have time… looks a great deal like a turkey, perhaps he left his supper instead of my present… 😀

my present

Made the mistake of leaving the sack with Bree’s presents close enough to the floor so she could get at them, decided to open her presents early…

Bree's presents

When she was younger she could clear 4 feet straight up and one could not leave anything near the edge of the counter.. she cannot do that these days but the will is still there and trying to figure out a way to get to the counter…. will have to wait till Christmas morning to put her presents out, nose far to sensitivc… 😀

bree and her presents

That is about all for today on the path least traveled, Diary… life is calling so will venture on down the path, Fate be willin’, the creeks don’t rise and it doesn’t snow too much.. 😀

No dancing today but will do some wrapping to this song no doubt…

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