The holiday, it is a coming, like it or not….

Dear Diary Page 41…

Hello Diary….
Have recuperated from surgery and moving on….got the “fixing’s” out for turkey day to make sure I have it all, will prepare Wednesday….


While doing that, reminded me of history’s past when I was a child growing up on the farm and there would be a family gathering at Thanksgiving and Christmas, each year someone would have it at their home, changing every year…was quite a quite daunting for us kids, and when it came time to eat, the adults would put us kids at one table and they another (I wonder why they did that??… 😀 ) .. reminded me of the following song;

Won’t be anything like that this year… 😀 …. But I suspect more thoughts of history’s past as time passes on…..that being said, continued in the kitchen to make preparations for the meal when I heard a bark and a noise… the following poem says it best, a take off the poem written by Clement Clarke Moore; A Visit From Saint Nicholas (Twas The Night Before Christmas)….

Twas two days before Thanksgiving
When all through the house,
Everyone was stirring
Including the Christmas mouse!

I was working on the turkey
When there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the kitchen
To see what was the matter.

I ventured to the living room
And there, to my surprise, I did see,
Standing nose to nose, beak to beak
Was the Christmas mouse and Bree.

With spatula in hand, ENOUGH, I yelled
With a voice loud and clear,
So that the Christmas mouse and Bree
Scattered, they did, in fear.

It was back to the kitchen and the turkey
No thoughts of sugar plums, dancing in my head,
But thoughts of a Thanksgiving TV dinner
Cooking in the microwave instead……… 😀

( Larry Woller, 11-23-2015)

No blows, no foul and we will have turkey and all the trimmings hopefully…cards mailed, tree and house are decorated, so ready for the holidays on the path least traveled…Bree is already wondering what Santa is going to leave…

So everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holidays and I will return again one day to leave some thoughts about the journey on the path least traveled and all its adventures, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise… will close with some holiday music by Mannheim Steamroller….

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