A hawk, some holiday spirit and a “selfie” on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 40…

Hello Diary….
Will be a hectic week next week, not sure when I shall return so thought I would post a few thoughts….almost finished with what decorating I am going to do, will finish up in a couple of days along with any other tasks needed doing … decided to take a break and venture into town, visit with Mom, run some errands and by Wednesday, should be ready for turkey day and surgery and some down time in activities after surgery..

Fed the outdoor folk this morning before leaving and the little sparrows were there by the flock, but the neighborhood hawk decided to crash the party and apparently the sparrows don’t like party crashers…


Must be a lonely job being a hawk but I guess someone has to do it… 😀

Decided to get the holiday cards out and the rest of the supplies and start preparing them to mail..

Xmas cards

A couple of pictures of decorations, concentrating on garland, flowers, etc and less on lights.. I mean, how did the people decorate before Thomas Edison was born??… 😀

Xmas 1

A bit more..

Xmas 2

And thought I would finish my thoughts with a “selfie” video, not easy to do, especially with a little Jack Russell…. 😀

That being said, will venture on down the path least traveled and return one day, Fate be willin’ and the creeks don’t rise.. in the meantime have a….

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