Gales, Day 3 and it’s beginning to look a little like Christmas on the path least travele..

Dear Diary Page 39…

Hello Diary….
Because it were a fast moving front, the atmosphere here was dry, etc, the storms did not have time to form like they did to the west, so basically a very windy day yesterday with some rain… a windy, cool day today, a good day to stay indoors and reminisce about the yesterdays and ponder the tomorrows…

That being said, yesterday, after doing chores, making sure the hatches were battened and everything secure outdoors, Santa’s helper and I started in on day 3, to finish the tree… although Santa’s helper would have preferred to be outdoors chasing anything that moved, and with the wind, there were a lot of movement.. 😀

Had to 25 gallon storage tubs of ornaments, one with the globes, about 50…

ball ornaments

Which had several old ornaments, one of which was about 85 years old and had blades inside and if you put it over a bulb, the blades would move

old spinning ornament

While putting the ornaments on one at a time carefully, Santa’s helper decided she needed a break and go for a walk, and after my ignoring her for a time, she finally had a sit down protest at my feet..

Bree sitting

Ventured out for a time and upon returning, started on the second tub which had 100 Hallmark ornaments and 100 glass icicles…

Hallmark ornments

Needless to say, not all the Hallmark’s got on the tree, 😀 , but got quite a few on.. no interruptions this time so managed to finish…the icicles the last to put up


The key is to put the icicle near a bulb (there is not a twinkle light on the tree)…once done, the tree was ready for Christmas and the end result;

Will turn on the lights Thanksgiving morning…and after a long day of multi-tasking, Santa’s helper decided to take a short nap before supper… 😀

taking a nap

So went day 3 on the path least traveled and will spend today going over the “yet to do list” before the 19th, have some thoughts about the past, present and future as we venture on down the path least traveled… will leave with a holiday song to help get one into the spirit of the season, as it is not all about the presents… 😀

Life is an adventure on the path least traveled when….

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