Tree of memories on the path least traveled….

Dear Diary Page 35
Hello Diary,
Taking a break from all the activities.. thought I would pen a few thoughts, mainly about the up and coming holiday season…. won’t be long and trimming the tree will be needed.. of course the tree is not like most trees, not put up in a hurry, just for Christmas day… not about lights and glitter…

It is a tree of memories, you see…takes about 2-3 days to put it up, to do it right… don’t have the train set when I was a child growing up but have one underneath the tree with a little village… reminds me of when I was young, my brother and I slept on the second floor of a farm house, directly over Mom and Dad’s bedroom.. We had train track all over the floor and spent Christmas eve sending messages back and forth (we were suppose to be asleep, don’t you see).. Mrs. Santa Claus had enough and finally came upstairs to put a stop to the messaging… 😀



Just put enough lights on to reflect off the ornaments, for the ornaments were the spirit of the tree.. Ornaments from before Kathy and I first met…ornaments from our first Christmas, stationed at Camp Lejuene, N.C. will be 51 years ago… didn’t have much money, no such thing as credit cards, purchased a large chicken and had half of it for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas…had a little 3 foot tall tree…

Ornaments of when the kids were young, pre-school, and they couldn’t reach very high so they put them all in one spot, they got a well done, and then during the night, one of Santa’s elves would arrive and scatter the ornaments around the tree… 😀
While decorating there would be Bree and Miss Daisy who would try to help (Miss Daisy was Kathy’s precious friend and companion from the time she was a pup, she passed away in 2014 in Mother’s day, age 16), and hopefully to prevent a fight, they would both get the “same” Christmas present but in spite of that, they would always want what the other had and in time would switch….



Each ornament, lights a memory and there are many memories on the tree, that is carefully put together and when done properly, becomes the spirit of the tree and the tree becomes alive…it is put on a rotating base and near the large window so all passing by can see it also… 😀



Well, Diary, I had better go, have things to do and need to check the Christmas lights so at the ready… for one day soon, Christmas will come to the path least traveled….

It’s twelve days till Christmas
And as I look around,
Checked every package under the tree
No toys for me were found.

But I’m not one bit worried
The sadness it won’t last,
Because I have some memories
Of many of Christmas past.

One Christmas eve in particular
For the night my brother and I retired,
It wasn’t long into the night
The imagination was fired.

We had train track all over the floor
Much to Mom’s dismay,
All night long messages back and forth
Wondering about Christmas day.

But in a blink of an eye
All got quiet real quick,
There was a shadow in our door
And it definitely wasn’t ST. Nick!

It’s Christmas morning….wait there’s a honk
And I looked out the window to see,
It was just my neighbor in his car
Bringing me back to reality.

But that’s ok, I haven’t grown old
And I’m not even gonna start,
I’ll be forever young, don’t you see
With Christmas in my heart.

So to all.. and to all
As I get into my sleigh,
WAIT, I can’t say goodnight
It’s the middle of the day!

(Penned by Larry “Dutch” Woller 12/12/2007 )

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