Noodles and dreamcatching on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 32…
Hello Diary,
Thought I would pop in briefly and share cyber space my receipe for hearty noodle soup should anyone wish to try… 😀

I used 5 skinless, chicken thighs ( so I do not have to worry about small bones), a medium onion, a couple of sticks (NOT stalks, 😀 ) of celery, three medium carrots.. I use salt, pepper and bouillon cubes to taste… while there may be other types, the only noodles I have found that will work are these (anything else will turn to mush before ready);


The day before I wish to eat, I clean as much fat off the thighs as I can, put them in a 4 1/2 quart crockpot along with the onion, a dash of rosemary (dried leaves) and about a teaspoon of parsely and 4 chicken bouillon cubes;


I will put the crockpot on Low for about 7 hours, turn off, and using a FF strainer;

FF strainer

Remove as much meat and bone as possible and put on a plate.. after cooling a bit, will remove the meat from the bone, put the bone back in the crockpot, clean the meat of any gristle, etc, chop up and return to the crockpot…

Then the next day will start the crockpot around 8 AM on Low, around Noon or so will add the veggies (this time I also added a small potato diced up);


and then about a hour before eating, remove the bones and add the noodles…no set amount, just how many noodles I wish to have, usually around 2 1/2 cups… may need to add more water and if so, perhaps another bouillon cube if needed, depending on taste… cook until the noodles are tender, you are ready to eat soup, turn off crockpot and remove liner from the base (will stay warm for quite some time and not overcook the noodles) and serve from liner (it will make a lot of soup and any left over soup I put in small, individual portions in a zip-lock back and freeze…)


Now, for some dream catching…. bye till whenever… 😀

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