The times they are a changing……

Dear Diary Page 27…

Hello Diary,

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!.. (is that groaning I hear???… 😀 )…. I know I said it would be awhile before I returned, Diary, but sometimes events has a way of changing ones schedule some…and today it is the un-called for shooting of more people, more children… in this wonderful country of America today, it is more dangerous to go to school than it is to join the military and go to war…who has time to worry about terrorists, ISIS, etc. when one has the Conservatives (and others to be sure) and the N.R.A.

nrA hostage

In history’s past, the people had had enough of guns and violence and banded together to remove them from the streets, churches, schools, etc…with or without the help of a politician.. it appears today, that history may have to repeat itself… all because of a percentage of self-centered, narrow minded, greedy individuals who have created their own little world, demanding that their ideology and rights ( and not just guns) be respected, caring little (if at all) for anyone else’s rights and beliefs..…

I expect my parents went through the same ordeal, and their parents before them, but I don’t recall it being as extreme as today and my parents were open minded .. the change is generally referred to as “evolution”..

Reminds me of the Biblical story about Noah, where he was informed there would be climate change, bad things were going to happen.. he ventured forth to tell everyone, was ridiculed, and laugh at, etc for his efforts, and finally threw up his hands and went about getting ready to get on the boat, leaving the rest to sink or swim.. I have just about reached that point myself about today’s so called “wonderful”, “civilized” society..

For all those self-centered, narrow minded, greedy little creatures out there take heed, bringing Peter, Paul and Mary back into the fray;

Well, HI HO HI HO, it’s on down the path we go and on the path least traveled, no child has to die while following their dream….

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