Some weather thoughts on the path least traveled

Dear Diary Page 26…

Hello Diary,

I know that I said I may not be back until first of next week or there about, but politics and religion is not the only thing in the news, also the weather… had a lovely visit with Mom this morning and she said my Uncle Bill (who lives in Alaska) has snow on the ground… in a manner of speaking, though not official, we have had snow here also… 😀
The in the following picture, Diary, you will see a dark cloud with what appears to be a curtain below it… that is called “virga” (rain), most, if not all, evaporates before getting to the ground..
virga rain

The following pictures I took on 9-25-15 and 9-30-15 where you will see near the same thing (black arrows) but white in nature.. This is what is called “falls streak” and is made of ice crystals/snowflakes….

Fall Streaks

Fall streaks 2

Fall Streaks 3

so for us common folk, unofficially it was snowing, just never made it to the ground, with the warm temperatures obviously…

So, Diary, if you haven’t covered the A/C or checked the furnace, this may give you some food for thought…. 😀

What do you think, Dean Martin????

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