A little humor to bring the day to a close on the path least traveleld…

Dear Diary Page 24…

Hello Diary,

Work is done, getting ready for sup soon and bring the day to a close.. taking a break and browsing the news on the internet and in relation to the Pope, news about religion caught my attention, mainly those individuals who may be considered extremists…those who demand that their rights and beliefs be observed and honored but care little about anyone else’s rights and beliefs..not going to dwell on it but wish to point out that people of that nature will usually draw some humor sent in their direction and I cannot think of anyone better at it than Ray Stevens…. 😀

And while on the subject of Ray Stevens, seen all the adds, etc about the Super Hero’s, Superman, Batman, etc but as far as Ray Stevens is concerned, there is no one as bad as this dude… 😀

Thought I would bring this day to a close with some humor…. So until next time on the path least traveled..

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