Some thoughts about fate and destiny on the path least traveled….

Dear Diary Page 21…

Hello Diary,

Setting here waiting for the fog to burn off some before venturing to town, planning for the coming week… it is near October now, leaves are falling, time marches on and will soon bring the year to an end, and part of history’s past to a close, to become memories… will be venturing on down the path least traveled, eyes to the horizon (while smelling the flowers and living life along the way… :D)….. see blue skies but also a few dark clouds while wondering what, and possibly who, lies ahead…. I thought of my poem and a couple of songs to go with the present train of thought… I know you have seen the poem before, Diary, but will post it again….

Sooooooooooooo, HI HO HI HO it’s on down the path we go, leaving no stone unturned…. 😀

Tell me , Fate
You hold the key,
What is my destiny
Suppose to be?

I was not a king or president,
No powers did I hold,
I wasn’t a preacher or a pope,
No sermon for the fold.

Never learned to speak fine words
A country bumkin’ was I.
Were taught never to tell a falsehood
Learned never to tell a lie.

So tell me , Fate
You hold the key,
What is my destiny
Suppose to be?

Can no longer build cities
The back is tired and sore,
Turned the green earth into a parking lot once
A forest….. into a general store,

I was a soldier once
No longer have the heart for war, they say
Children’s cry of suffering, I heard
A memory still here today.

So tell me, Fate
You hold the key,
What is my destiny
Suppose to be?

I’ve tilled the soil as a farmer
Fed the world is what they say,
But I see the faces of hunger
Still this very day.

I’ve donated love, time and money
Ask for nothing in return,
But I see nothing has changed today
Will they ever learn?

I’ve tilled the fields and went to war
Helped build cities, towns and much more,
Sowed fields of flowers with tenderness an love
Has my destiny run it’s course, is there any more?

So tell me, Fate
You hold the key,
What is my destiny suppose to be?
(Penned by the hand of Larry “Dutch” Woller 8-18-2008)

Que Sera???

Or maybe the answer is blowing in the wind…

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