Changes on the path least traveled..

Dear Diary Page 17…

Hello Diary,
Gonna be brief tonight….a busy rest of the week coming up and did a walk around to see what was left to do to prepare for winter… seen all the creatures in the yard preparing and it reminded me of a poem I wrote;

I set here with my tea
And watch the leaves a fallin’
It’s becoming clear that one day soon
Jack Frost will come a callin’

Most of my bird friends have went south
In the southern warmth they’ll stay
But I’ll not shed a tear in sorrow
For they’ll be back again some day

All us creatures that are staying behind
To deal with the cold and snow
Are getting our house in order
And waiting for winter’s blow

The squirrels are gathering leaves and such
To insulate their winters nest
The possum is checking every nook and cranny
To find a place for his winters rest

The bee’s are picking up the pace
Gathering nectar with the morning sun
Storing winter food for the hive
Before their work on earth is done

A spider spinning it’s web of silk
I watched as it grew and grew
Soon to become natures work of art
With tomorrow’s early morning dew

This poem could go on and on and on
But alas, I have things to do
For, like it or not, don’t you see
I need to get ready for winter too.
(Larry “Dutch” Woller 10/14/2007)

Venturing down the path least traveled, encountered a young lady who said she was attractive, intelligent and creative and the reason she was still single is she felt over qualified… she said how about you?.. I said “somewhat ugly, a C+ average, left safe harbors and trying “almost” everything and, with my wife passing away some time ago, the reason I am still single is I am independent and liking it.. 😀

Soooooooooooooooooo, with eyes to the horizon, venturing on down the path least traveled, not looking back too long for there is too much in front to see…..sing it Jimmy….

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