A lazy day and a bit of humour on the path least traveled…

Dear Diary Page 16…..

Hello Diary,
Was having a leisurely Sunday, bringing one week to a close while preparing for another.. Were going through some of my writings when I came across a brief, humorous story that my friend from the UK ( who passed away last year) shared with me years back when we were sharing and comparing writings…while I am not into religion, the story has some religious undertones and I find it amusing….so going to share with you, Diary, to bring this day to a close…

The story;
There was a old miser living in the Wolds of the UK that was extremely greedy…cared little for the well being of others, only to accumulate as much wealth as he could… he would hoard his wealth in the ATTIC… his wife ask him how come he was hoarding his wealth in the attic.. He told her that when he leaves this mortal world, HE WILL TAKE HIS WEALTH WITH HIM!!…

Time went on and he continued on his greedy ways, making life miserable for everyone, while continuing to gather wealth… then one day it happened, he had a heart attack and passed away.. His wife had a funeral of sorts but no one came as everyone hated him…

After the funeral, his wife ventured up to the ATTIC to see if his wealth was still there, and, lo and behold, it was still there!!… The wife got a GRIN on her face and she said “I told the old fool he should put his wealth in the BASEMENT!”….

End of story… 😀

Such as it is on the path least traveled as Bree and I continue on



gazing at the horizon where our destiny awaits us while thinking of days we thought would never end…..

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